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Updated on: 11 August 2016

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Binary option trading is now already very popular all around the globe. However, we genuinely believe that what we are seeing today being offered on the market is just the tip of the iceberg. What we mean is that we believe that what’s going to come the next few years when it comes to the size of the market cannot be compared to what we have today.

Right now, binary trading is already a multi-billion dollar business. However, it’s still not even near to other and more traditional types of online trading such as forex or CFD trading. Nevertheless, we are convinced that binary trading can become at least as big as forex trading due to multiple objective reasons.

Below in this article we listed 11 main reasons why we are absolutely convinced that binary options are going to be the next big thing in the online trading business. Read this page if you want to understand why this form of online trading will definitely survive its present troubles and tribulations and manage to become a widely accepted practice in just a few years from now.

1. Binary options are extremely easy to use

When it comes to financial trading then binary options are the easiest to understand and use. In this form of online trading you will only have to predict the movement in which an asset will move in the future. Will the stock value of Apple increase or decrease in x days compared to today’s rate? If you can predict this, then you are already able to trade options online.

In comparison, it’s much more complicated to trade stocks or forex. There, you will have to take into consideration multiple variables such as projected profit rates, profit margins, and much more. You will also have to use some mathematical formulas as well otherwise you’ll be just making random purchases without much logic behind them.

2. You can win a lot of money very fast

Binary options are also the forms of online trading that allow people to earn money the fastest way possible out of all the existing trading forms. Likes said above, in this from of online trading you will only have to predict the direction in which the value of an asset will move in the future.

Once you have made this prediction you will only have to wait until the expiration time of your contract passes. Once that is done and you have made an accurate prediction you will immediately be paid out your winnings. It will not matter how much the asset has shifted in a direction. It only matters if you have predicted the direction right.

Payouts are established using so-called payout rates. For example, imagine that a broker offers a payout rate of 90%. Then you invest a total sum of $100 on a contract. If your prediction will come true you will immediately be paid out $190 no matter what.

Say, you invested in the outcome that Apple’s stocks would go up from a current rate of $500 in a few days. If by the time of the expiration of the contract the stocks of Apple did indeed go up, then you will get your payout. It doesn’t matters if that increase was only to $500.01, you will still get your full payout.

In comparison, in normal stock trading your would have had to buy Apple stocks worth like $10,000 at the value of $500 and then wait until they grow to like $510 in order to make just a few hundred bucks. – Which is much riskier?

3. You do not have to be a financial expert in order to trade

Yet another major reason why options trading will continue to grow in the future is the fact that basically almost everyone is able to learn to trade them. If you are not just plain stupid, then learning to trade options is very easy. Like said above, you will only have to learn to predict the direction of an asset during a given time frame.

Predicting the movement of assets is not as difficult as it seems. For example, if company X is about to release a new awesome product in 10 days then you can know with fairly large accuracy that the value of that asset will increase during the next 2-3 weeks or so.

In comparison, it’s extremely difficult for regular people who aren’t real economists to trade stocks and forex.

4. Binary trading is extremely flexible

The great thing about this form of online trading is that you can also establish your own limits, risks, investment amounts and potential winnings. You have full control over what you invest and what you can potentially lose.

Imagine you want to invest $50 on the prediction that the stocks of Apple would increase. After this, you will have the liberty to choose the expiration time, as well as payout rate as well. This way you’ll know exactly 100% in advance how much you can win and how much you can lose. – There will never be any unexpected surprises like in normal stock trading.

5. Binary options brokers continue to develop new and exciting features

Due to the fact that this form of online trading is extremely flexible, companies offering such services will in the future continue to release new an exciting features. Some of the new features companies already released in the recent past give traders the possibility to close contracts before the expiration time, double their investment while trade is ongoing and more. Since more and more exciting features will be added, this form of online investing will become even more popular in the future. In comparison, there isn’t much to innovate when it comes to normal stock trading. Stock trading will always be the stock trading as we know it no matter what.

6. …its’ just really very exciting

This should have probably been the number 1 reason. If you try out binary options you’ll realize that this form of online investing is extremely exciting. You can invest as much as you want, control your earnings and losses and eagerly watch the expiration time counter and wait for your contract to finish in the money.

Stock trading and forex is obviously also exciting but less dynamic as options trading. If you are trading for the excitement, then binary betting is the only viable alternative to classical and boring stocks and forex.

7. You can trade at any moment and from any location

Another really awesome aspect of this form of online betting is the fact that it allows traders to invest from virtually any location. This is possible through mobile devices. Since this form of financial investing is so simple, all currently available mobile phones and tablets are capable of offering the same environment as traditional computers.

8. More and more countries begin to officially regulate it

As binary investing becomes more and more popular, more and more countries decide to officially legalize and regulate it. This will continue to boost the credibility of this business and convince people to register and sign up.

At this moment multiple countries already have various laws that officially regulate this form of trading. The UK, the US and Cyprus are the leaders in this matter. They will soon be joined by Japan, South Africa and Australia. In a few years, a large number of others will follow as well, making binary options a legitimate form of investment around the globe.

9. Social binary trading allows traders to share their experiences

A great new development in the binary business is the development of social trading. Social trading allows people to share their experiences with each other and discuss latest trends and strategies on platforms similar to Facebook.

Once the social aspect of this from of investing becomes very popular, binary betting will become one of the most popular forms of trading. Due to the short nature of contracts, people will be able to constantly exchange experiences and ideas between them. Stocks and forex trading are just too slow to enable a viable social aspect.

10. It’s a professional and serious alternative to gambling

Many people are these days gambling online hoping to trick the system and get rich. However, that is just an illusion since people will always lose at the end of the day. On the other hand, it’s very much possible to learn to invest in binary options and generate consistent winnings.

This form of investing is basically a form of betting that offers people the possibility to “beat the system” and constantly generate money with some effort. As said above, if people look out for latest market trends and news, then predicting the future movement of assets is definitely possible.

11. Your losses can be controlled

And as explained somewhere above as well, in binary betting you will have the possibility to control your loses. You invested $10? – Then that is the amount you will be allowed to lose no matter what. You won’t wake up with an unpleasant surprise that the stock value of your asset decreased dramatically and you lose your house. Ever.

And these are the reasons we believe that binary options are going to become extremely popular in the future. If someone was hoping that this form of financial investing is going to go away, then we have bad news. It’s definitely going to stay, and more so, it’s going to be several times more popular in the future than it is today.

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