CySEC Slaps Binary and Forex Brokers with More Legal Requirements

2017 05 12

Things are about to change for CySEC-regulated binary options and forex brokers; and in a big way. The changes will affect CIFs (Cyprus Investment Firms), which include binary options brokers. The new rules will come into force on May 31 of 2017, which is less than a month away. This was revealed through a circular […]

CySEC Decides to Outsource Circular Risks Management

2017 02 08

CySEC’s latest goal has been to make the companies it regulates more compliant with its regulations. But the latest move by the Cypriot watchdog might force some of these companies out of the local market. And, as it turns out, this might be what the regulator wants. The broker has attracted a lot of criticism […]

Bdswiss Fined 150,000 EUR by CySEC for Possible Violations

2017 01 24

Binary options broker Bdswiss has been fined 150,000 euro by the CySEC. The decision was made on 19th of December 2016 by the CySEC board, although it has been announced today on 23rd January 2017. According to the official CySEC announcement, the company has already paid the fine. Actions of this nature are now a […]

CySEC Links 63 Regulated Firms To The Panama Papers Scandal

2016 06 08

After leaked documents from the giant off-shore law firm, Mossack Fonseca, showed large-scale tax evasion and money laundering among firms and individuals in the EU, CySEC has stepped in to reveal Cyprus-regulated brokers with links to the now infamous law firm. The Cypriot regulator has reported that 63 regulated companies have a connection to Mossack […]

CySEC Issues A Tender To Hire A Media Relations Firm

2016 06 02

The outspoken Cypriot financial regulator, CySEC (Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission), is having serious publicity challenges; so much so that it is seeking to hire a professional to help it manage its dented public image. A public tender for the contract has already been issued. The communications and media relations firm that will be lucky enough […]

CySEC Changes Binary Options Rules

2016 04 19

CySEC has come up with new policies on how binary option brokers should operate. The brokers are to comply with the introduced changes by mid-July. In general, the binary options brokers will “operate in a way that is fair to the clients” under the new changes. The EU region has noted that the brokers have […]

More Information Emerges On The IronFX Troubles With Its Clients

2015 12 25

IronFX seemed to have developed a business model that was successful in getting the company high trading volumes. But then, all hell broke lose with its Chinese clients storming its offices demanding their money back. However, even before the newsworthy event, the company was battling allegations that it was keeping client withdrawals pending for too […]

Falcon Brokers Gets CySEC Suspension Over Its Handling Of Client Funds

2015 09 28

Falcon Brokers has just received a suspension letter from CySEC, the Cyprus financial regulator, over its suspected violation of laws governing the handling of client funds. The decision to suspend the broker was made by the CySEC Board on 21st of this month, and the official announcement was made on 24th of this month. The […]

IronFX Under CySEC Investigation Due To Client Withdrawal Issues

2015 08 08

IronFX has found itself in the news for the wrong reasons a number of times now. This time, the company has come under the spotlight for its ongoing CySEC investigation. The investigation is linked to withdrawal issues the company’s clients are facing. In its defense, the company claims that the issue is only specific to […]

ZoomTrader Becomes Regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission

2015 01 29

Binary options broker ZoomTrader announced that it became regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchanges Commission. This makes ZoomTrader the newest binary options broker to join the list of legal brokers. Renowned binary options company ZoomTrader revealed today that it just managed to acquire a new binary options license in Cyprus. The license means that […]