Bitfinex Ready To Give A 5% Reward For The Recovery Of Bitcoins Lost During Its Latest Hack

2016 08 12

More than a week ago, Bitfinex suffered a devastating hack that saw $70 million (at current price) worth of bitcoins disappear into thin air. Bitcoin prices also tumbled to lows of $480 from a price of $640 in just a matter of hours. In the latest development to the story, the Hong Kong based cryptocurrency […]

Bitfinex Takes 36% Of Its Clients’ Funds To Cover $65m Hack Loss, Plans To Pay It Back In Shares

2016 08 09

About a week ago, $65 million worth of bitcoins was stolen from the Hong Kong based cryptocurrency exchange, Bitfinex. Now, the virtual currency exchange has decided to take 36% of each client’s account to cover the losses. While this may be positive news for account holders who imagined that all the money in their accounts […]

Liberty Reserve Founder, Arthur Budovsky, To Spend 20 Years Behind Bars

2016 05 11

On Friday, Arthur Budovsky, the founder of the popular digital currency, Liberty Reserve, was sentenced to 20 years in prison. In its landmark judgment, the court held that the service facilitated money laundering. The origin of the funds Liberty Reserve was processing, which amounted to more than $8 billion, was claimed to have come from […]

China May Be Behind The Latest Bitcoin Price Increase As The Currency Traded At $400

2015 12 08

For the first time in a period of more than a month, bitcoin has attained highs of $400; and China might be the reason for this price increase. In particular, over this weekend, the cryptocurrency has managed to experience a whopping 10% increase in its value. Before the recent spike in price, bitcoin had remained […]

Weekly Bitcoin Trading Volumes Reach Highest Levels in History

2015 11 10

Bitcoin trading volumes hit their highest levels ever last week. In total, 14.4 million units (worth $5 billion) of this virtual currency were traded. This is almost equal to the number of bitcoins currently in circulation. The report was released by As is typically the case with such a notable spike in an asset’s […]

BlockEx, A Cryptocurrency Trading Solution For Binary And Forex Brokers, To Launch In August

2015 07 31

Binary and forex brokers have long harbored the desire to reliably integrate cryptocurrency trading into their other trading services, a dream that will come true through BlockEx, a yet to be launched platform that will let brokers offer virtual currency trading comfortably to their customers. All along, brokers have been using CFDs to offer cryptocurrency […]

Public Trading Of Bitcoin Now A Reality

2015 05 07

Against unimaginable odds, the world’s most popular and controversial cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, has entered mainstream financial markets. The landmark event has been made possible by the bold action Barry Silbert’s Bitcoin Investment Trust (BIT), a fund whereby the investors’ fortunes are fully predicated on Bitcoin price movements. BIT began offering investors a chance to try their […]

Canadian Financial Watchdog Campaigns Against Binary Options and Bitcoin

2014 12 03

The Canadian financial watchdog in New Brunswick has warned traders about binary options, marihuana companies and Bitcoin. The “watchdog” believes that these practices are dangerous for citizens. The Financial and Consumer Services Commission in New Brunswick issued a warning to citizens advising them to stay away from binary options, marihuana companies and Bitcoin. According to […]

Bitcoin Falls to $91.50 at Mt.Gox Bitcoin Exchange

2014 02 21

Bitcoins have today decreased to just $91.50 at the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox. This is the fist time in about a year since the price of Bitcoins fell below $100 at any of the major exchanges on the market. Bitcoin is at this moment traded at only $91.50 at Mt.Gox, the largest Bitcoin exchange […]

BitCoin Reaches $1,200 – Opportunity for Traders

2013 11 28

The cryptocurrency BitCoin has just hit the $1,200 mark today almost reaching the price of gold. This new increase in the virtual currency’s value offers extremely profitable opportunities for binary options traders. In just January 2013 the value of a BitCoin was only around $20. At that time trading binary options with the underlying asset […]