Stockpair Review

Stockpair is a 100% legal and European Union licensed binary options broker. Like its name suggests, the broker is focused on offering the best binary options that involve stocks. The broker offers long-term binary options trading, which combined with stocks is the most rewarding trading strategy in this business.

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Maximum Payout Rate: 90%

Average Payout Rate: 81%

Minimum Deposit: €200

Minimum investment per trade: €5

Bonus: 100% of deposit

Mobile devices: iOS, Android

Number of assets: 100+

LIcensed: Yes

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  • 100% Legal and EU licensed binary options company
  • Offers close to 100 different stocks to trade on
  • Has long-term binary options which have the best winning chances
  • Allows you to withdraw your deposits anytime even if you got a bonus
  • Uses proprietary and unique binary options trading platform
  • Works on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets as well

Stockpair is one of the oldest binary options brokers in the business. The company is fully licensed and regulated in the European Union and follows all European Union legal standards related to investing and online trading.

Read this Stockpair review in order to find out more about this binary options broker.

Features and Software

Stockpair functions on an advanced binary options trading software that was developed by the company itself and is not one of the many bucket shops that just use a random software developed by some offshore tech company.

What the above means is that the Stockpair software is unique and only available at Stockpair itself. In contrast, most other binary options brokers use a licensed platform that is available for any company that wants to sell binary options.

The Stockpair software is robust and allows for a variety of trading modes such as traditional binary options and Pair options.

Pair Options – Pair options are a new type of binary options that were initially developed by Stockpair. These are almost the same as Forex options such as USD/EUR except that they involve other assets than currencies such as Google/Facebook, Oil/Silver etc.

For example, in the case of Google/Facebook you can predict which one of these will increase or decrease more compared to the other. This is very useful in cases were two companies are direct competitors.

So, in the case of Apple/Microsoft you can be sure that if Apple is increasing massively Microsoft might experience a small decrease. This is why Pair options are so advantageous.

Long-term Options – Stockpair is also one of the few brokers that offer long-term options. These are options with expiration times of several days or months. The longest expiration time of these options is 150 days.

Check this article to understand why trading long-term options is the easiest and most profitable binary options strategy.

Trader sentiment – This feature can be found at the bottom of every chart. This will show the proportion of traders that have either chosen “Up” or “Down”.


Stockpair offers a very large number of assets spread out over several continents and countries. There are at this moment 13 Forex pairs being offered along with 7 indices, five commodities and 91 stocks.

If you are into stocks trading then Stockpair is perhaps the best broker in this regard. (it’s called Stockpair after all).

Payout Rates

Stockpair offers above average payout rates. I have yet to see an option that has a payout rate below 80%. Most brokers always have at least some options (most commonly the most popular options) that have payout rates around 65% to 75%. But as explained, Stockpair never has payout rates below 80%.

The only negative about Stockpair could perhaps be the fact that it does not offer rebates on losing trades like some other brokers do.

Bonuses and Promotions

Stockpair offers a deposit bonus for new traders who deposit at least $200. The bonus will have to be requested by writing a support ticket to the broker’s staff. In case you accept the bonus, you will have to invest the bonus money 40 times before you can withdraw it.

Important: Stockpair is one of the very few brokers that will not block the withdrawal of your deposit if you get a bonus. What this means is that even though there are trading requirements to withdraw the bonus, you can still withdraw the deposit itself without any restrictions.

Most other brokers will not allow you to withdraw your bonus and deposit until you have met certain trading requirements (like if you get $100 in bonuses, you need to trade at least $2,000 in volume to get a withdrawal). They do this to prevent bonus fraud.

But as explained, in case you do accept the bonus offered by Stockpair you actually CAN withdraw your deposit without any requirements or restrictions. It’s the bonus only that will have withdrawal conditions.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Stockpair also performs great when it comes to withdrawals. Your withdrawals will be processed by the broker within a maximum of 48 hours during weekdays. You can still receive your money a bit late in case of wire transfer withdrawals but the processing itself is done within 48 hours.

If you check the major and popular forex and binary options forums you will find that there are no complaints against Stockpair not completing withdrawals.

There is a very simple reason why the are no withdrawal problems with Stockpair. It’s that the broker has a valid online trading license in the European Union.

Regulation and License

Stockpair is a fully regulated and licensed binary options broker. The company is licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). The rules and regulations imposed by CySEC are in line in general European Union trading laws and regulations (all member states need to have harmonized laws that are compatible with each other).

For this reason, Stockpair is a legal binary options broker in any European Union country (except where binary options are explicitly illegal). Stockpair can also be used in any non-European Union country as well, because the trader protection regulations the broker has to abide to cover anyone registered at the broker.

Stockpair does not accept the registration of USA traders.

Conclusions: Why Stockpair might not be good

There isn’t much negative to say about this broker. Perhaps the only thing is the fact that it does not offer rebates on losing trades. I have no idea if it will add rebates in the future considering that they are starting to become a standard feature in this business.

Conclusions: Why Stockpair is a good broker

Stockpair is a great broker because it uses proprietary and unique online trading software and as such is not dependent on third party developers who might not completely understand the binary options business.

Stockpair offers above average payout rates and has long-term options contracts as well.

The company is 100% legal and has a real online trading license in the European Union. It’s not a shady island company no one knows about with hidden owners. It’s a real and legit business that is transparent about its activities.

If you want to learn more about Stockpair then you can check it out by going directly to the broker’s website that is linked here.