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Updated on: 12 September 2016

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Binary options copy trading is a very exciting concept that can help traders to considerably increase their revenues without having to do anything else other than following professional traders and letting the software automatically execute the actions performed by these professionals.

However, you will still have to use some basic binary options signal trading strategy in order to be successful. Don’t worry, these strategies are actually very simple and will only have to be implemented once or twice after which the signal trading software will take care of everything automatically.

Below you’ll find a list of the bets binary options copy trading strategies. Follow these next time you decide to trade binary options using signal trading. If you use these strategies, then you will definitely be able to win and make profits next time you trade.



Best Signal Trading Strategies in Binary Options

Even though signal trading was developed so that traders won’t actually have to do anything themselves, traders will still be required to adjust a few settings and implement a few binary options mirror trading strategies before they begin trading.

Below you’ll find the best strategies of this kind. Use these and you’ll definitely win next time.

Trade with very small amounts first

Binary options copy betting never promises instant winnings on absolutely every single trade you make. Occasionally, your signal provider will supply you with signals that will result in losing predictions.

However, overall, the number of winning signals will always be higher than those of losing signals.

But you can’t always predict when you will lose and when you will win. It may as well be that right after you start investing using a signal service you will lose the next 10 trades in a row. – However, after these 10 losing trades you may actually win the next 100 that come after that.

For this reason, you should always trade with very low investments per contract. This will ensure that you will not run out of money in case you will lose a lot of rounds in a row in the very beginning. – An event like this is extremely unlikely, but it may happen.

So, if you use a binary options copy trading strategy that involves investing with low amounts initially, you will not go bust initially. So, if you first 10 trades will be unsuccessful, you will still be able to continue to trade after this and cash in the prizes paid out on the next 100 successful trades that will come after.

But if you would have traded with large amounts, you would have most likely lost all your money after the first 10 round and would have not been able to cash in the very large profits made on the next 100 successful rounds.

Yeah we know, the example with the 10 unsuccessful rounds and the 100 successful rounds is a bit far fetched, however, such a situation while unlikely could still happen in one form or the other.

Increase your investment once you increase your bankroll

This is basically the continuation of the binary options copy trading strategy described above. Once you have built a sizeable bankroll out of the profits made form small trades, you should increase the money invested per trade.

Now that you have a large bankroll, you will not lose all your money even if you invest larger sums and lose a very large number of rounds in a row, which doesn’t happens at all if you use a reliable financial investing signal trading service.

With the risk of losing all your money practically eliminated, you will now have the chance to generate substantially larger profits by investing more money per trade. Remember, in the long run the number of winning trades will always be higher than those of losing trades, so you will always make profits.

The best binary options mirror investing strategy in this case is to invest an amount of money per contract that will not make you go bankrupt after 15-20 consecutive unsuccessful rounds (super low probability situation). This way you’ll always make profits.

Use appropriate trading settings

All the things described above can be adjusted using the software platform provided by the signal service provider. Here, you will be able to adjust the amount of money invested in a contract and which trades to skip and which to execute based on the signal provider’s betting activity.

The best winning strategy here is to copy absolutely every single action performed by the person you follow. Overall, signal providers will always execute more winning trades than losing trades; however, if you skip certain trades then you might end up accidentally skipping out winning trades and not be able to generate profits.

Only use manual trading when needed

If you decide to trade using binary options signals, then you should be consistent and not interfere in the automatic investing process. Each time you manually override an action that the software platform would have executed automatically you’re decreasing your winning chances.

It’s basically the same thing as with what we described above. The sum total of the successful trades and losing trades executed by professionals will always be in favor of the positive trades. But every time you don’t follow the provided signals you artificially disrupt this ratio.

Create a withdrawal threshold

You obviously want to trade financial assets and use binary options signal trading strategies to make money. At some point you will want to withdraw the profits that you generated. You should decide in advance when you want to make a withdrawal and how much to withdraw.

For example, if you are a small to medium trader who deposits around $100-$200, you should perhaps decide to only withdraw 25% of your profits when you reach a sum of $1,000 using binary options copy trading.

If you read the article above, then you will now that a successful binary options copy trading strategy involves bankroll management. The more liquidity you have in your account, the less likely it is that you will go bust and the larger investments you will be able to make in order to generate larger profits.

So, you should always keep around $750 in your account at a permanent basis. Using these copy-trading strategies you will be able to easily generate the $250 you can to withdraw on a weekly basis. – So, with this strategy you will be able to make around $1,000 each month that you will withdraw.

However, you can let the copy trading platform go as high as $2,000 profits and only then withdraw the 25%. This way you can make $500 per week, allowing you to withdraw $2,000 every month. – There is no limit on how high you can go actually.

Choose the best signal providers

The last winning binary options copy trading strategy is to choose a reliable and tested signal provider. As explained in other articles, all signal trading software were developed with the intention of helping traders to win. If people would not win, they would not purchase the signals provided anymore and the provider would go bankrupt.

However, not all signal trading software platforms were developed by professional programmers. There are a lot of amateur startups that try out their luck these days. As such, you should only choose those software platforms and providers that are proven to be good.

The ones that we listed on this page are in our opinion the best service providers of binary options signals on the market. They are old companies that have several thousands of clients worldwide. Check them out now if you want to generate guaranteed winnings in financial investing.

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