The Binary Profit Method Review

The Binary Profit Method is a binary options signal provider that if properly used can generate steady and long-term profits. The application promises realistic winning rates of around 75%, which ensure steady revenues.

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Success rate: 75%

Profit margin: 20%

Price: Free

Works with any broker: No

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  • Is free of charge with recommended broker registration
  • Winning rates of up to 75% ensure steady profits
  • Has been tested and found to deliver accurate results
  • Multiple choices of binary brokers available
  • Fully automatic trading, requires minimum involvement
  • Very simple and easy to use platform and interface

The Binary Profit Method is a binary options signal product that was launched in early 2015. After some initial success the application was seemingly not been promoted anymore. Now it turns out that this was most likely that because its backend was remade in order to achieve a higher ITM rate.

The Binary Profit Method has now re-launched under a new platform that promises much higher and much more accurate winning rates than before. Read this Binary Profit Method review in order to find out more about this service.

How does it work?

Like the majority of binary signals that are available on the web, this product works by analyzing the movement of assets and trying to make accurate predictions regarding what’s going to happen next.

More precisely, the things that are being looked after are so-called trends, which are predefined patterns in the movement of assets. Since these movements are predefined, it means that once you discover them in their early stage of development you can predict what will happen next.

You can of course do this manually (this is how technical analysis works) but you will literally have to simultaneously and continuously watch several dozens of assets in real time in order to hope to discover a few winning positions per day.

This is where websites and services such as The Binary Profit Method come into play. They will do the analyzing for you, and once such a trend is discovered, they will automatically execute the correct trades for you.

Is it accurate?

The Binary Profit Method promises a winning rate of around 75%. This means that out of 100 executed trades you will be able to win around 75 in average. This means after several executed trades you will be able to make a small profit margin.

Now, this basically means two things. First, that you will at least not lose any money and will recover all your investment and make some profits. Second, that you will probably not become a millionaire using this application (but then again, you won’t become a millionaire using any such application ☺ ).

You will breakeven at around 70% winning rate, meaning that your profit margin on average will be around 5% to 10%. This does seem a bit small but such is life. You will not become a millionaire but there is no reason why you wouldn’t be able to make at least a few thousand dollars per month after you build up your bankroll for the first few months.

Things to consider before trading

In order not to lose all your money right away you are recommended to use some key tips and strategies before using The Binary Profit Method (or any signal for that matter).

One of the most important things to remember is to always invest the minimum allowed per trade after you have made your first deposit. For example, if you deposit $250, then don’t trade more than $10 per trade in the beginning.

Remember, if the promised winning rate is 75%, it means that you can still lose around 3-4 out of 10 trades on average. So, if you invest a lot right from the beginning then with your first few trades you can completely wipe your account.

The second most important tip is to always invest the same amount per trade. If you have decided to invest $10 per trade then you should stick to this for at least 100 consecutive trades before you modify it.

Again, this comes back to the winning rate of 75%. Sure, you will win 75 out of 100 trades, but if you make random investments, then it can happen that you invest more into your losing trades than into your winning trades, so in the end even if you won 75 out of 100 trades you ended up losing.

How to use The Binary Profit Method?

This application is really easy and simple to use. Once you have signed up you will be asked to register and deposit at one of the brokers recommended on the webpage. After this, you will have full access to the signals provided. In exchange of registering with one of the recommended brokers you will get free access to the signals.

On the signals page you will then be able to adjust a variety of parameters such as maximum investment per trade and similar. Remember the advice above, if you have made a minimum deposit, then invest the lowest possible amount per trade and stick to it for at least 100 trades.

After this, the application will then do everything by itself without requiring you to manually execute trades. And that’s kind of it, to be honest. Once all this is done you can monitor your account a few times per day to see the profits you have made.

Again, you do need to follow the tips described above in order to make profits. If you just blindly use the software then you are guaranteed to lose your investments. This is not something that has to do with The Binary Profit Method but with how binary options work in general. These tips apply to all signals and even manual trading strategies.


So, if you want to get started with this binary signal then you can do so by visiting its webpage linked here. There you can sign up and get started trading after making a broker deposit. If you need additional information about binary options signals then you can find it here on this page.