Is Signals365 a Scam?

Signals365 is most likely one of the very few binary options signal services that are not a scam and don't steal people's money. Check this Signals365 scam review in order to find out more about the quality of the services provided by this signal company.

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Success rate: 70%

Profit margin: 25%

Price: $99 per month - Free trial available.

Works with any broker: Yes

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  • Works with any binary options broker - no new registration needed
  • Winning rates are actually accurate and achieve real results
  • Uses advanced algorithms in order to discover newest trends and patterns
  • Only $99 per month payment needed - no new broker deposit required
  • Works both with desktop as well as mobile platforms and systems
  • Sends more than 120 signals per day

Signals365 is a binary options signal software that was launched in late 2014. Many people who come across this service will ask themselves the question whether of not Signals365 is a scam or not.

The reason for asking this question is because during 2014 a large number of free binary options signals turned out to be marketing scams. Read this Signals365 scam review in order to learn more about this service provider.

What does Signals365 do?

Signals365 uses an algorithm that will continuously sweep the markets and assets in order to discover trends. Trends are predetermined patterns related to the development of asset prices. The idea is that if you discover a trend in development you can predict what comes next.

Signals365 will detect these trends and will send you notifications and trading instructions. You will then have to manually execute the trades at any broker of your choice.

Does it work?

The above description of how this signal app works is also valid for any other signal provider. The problem however is that most signal providers of this kind are scams and simply won’t work. They get paid by the brokers to get people to sign up at the brokers and then lose money.

Signals365 is one of the very few signal apps that do actually work. The software promises an ITM ratio of around 70%, which will help you to generate profits if you trade consistently. This rate might not be much however at least it’s accurate and not fake like the 80%+ and 90%+ rates promised by scam signal providers.

Bottom line is that Signals365 does indeed deliver a winning rate of at least 70% if you trade consistently using the signals.

Is Signals365 being paid by brokers?

Signals365 has two ways of making money. First, you will have to pay a subscription of $99 per month. This way you can use it with any broker you want. If you already have a binary options broker account then you won’t have to register a new one and make a new deposit.

There is also the option to use Signals365 for free by registering at one of the recommended brokers using the links on the Signals365 website. In this case Signals365 will be paid a commission by the brokers. This however does not mean that Signals365 is a scam. It’s just a way for the app developers to make money but at the same time offer the app for free to traders. Unfortunately free binary options signals received a lot of negative press recently because most of them were scams. Not sure how this might impact Signals365 even though it’s not a scam.

Also, the recommended brokers are all legit brokers with licenses and regulation and not scam brokers like the ones recommended by the scam signal apps.

If you don’t want to sign up at recommended brokers then you always use the paid subscription and use any broker you want at any time. There are no limitations of any kind in case of subscription accounts in order to push traders to register at one of the brokers.

Final Words

I’m strongly convinced that Signals365 is not a scam even though the majority of similar products are indeed fake and shady. If you want to learn more about this product then check out my Signals365 review that covers everything that there is to know about this app.