Signals365 Review

Signals365 is one of the very few binary options signals apps out there that works with any broker. If you already have an account at a broker, then you do not need to open a new account at a recommended broker. Signals365 is also accurate and does live up to the promised winning rates.

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Success rate: 75%

Profit margin: 25%

Price: $99 per month - Free trial available.

Works with any broker: Yes

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  • Works with any binary options broker - no new registration needed
  • Winning rates are actually accurate and achieve real results
  • Uses advanced algorithms in order to discover newest trends and patterns
  • Only $99 per month payment needed - no new broker deposit required
  • Works both with desktop as well as mobile platforms and systems
  • Sends more than 120 signals per day

Signals365 was one of the best-selling binary options signal products in 2014 and will definitely continue to perform the same way in 2015. There are three main reasons why you should sign up at this signal provider:

– It actually works (unlike most other products of this kind out there)

– You can use ANY BROKER you want, you don’t have to sign up at a new broker

– It goes beyond just sending you signals; it will teach you useful strategies and tricks you can use yourself at any broker

How does it work?

Like many other signal providers of this kind, Signals365 uses an algorithm that constantly checks the value development of various assets with the goal of discovering trends and patterns. Once such a trend is found, you will get a signal that will tell you what investment to make.

Patterns and trends are predefined movements regarding the value of assets. The simplest example I use in these reviews is that of an asset that was observed to be slowly increasing during a day and then unexpectedly dropping within just a few seconds.

In almost all cases, the sudden drop will be followed by a sudden increase back to the original value. This is called a trend. It’s called a trend, because such events always behave the same way.

The reason why in this case the value of the asset will bounce back quickly is because after seeing the price drop, many traders who are confident in the asset (due to the steady increase during the day) will buy the asset and drive the price back up.

So, what experienced binary options traders do when they discover a trend in development is they make an appropriate investment. In this case, once you see the initial sudden drop in the asset’s value, what you will have to do is to invest on the fact that the value of the asset will go up again.

This is one of the trend strategies the Signals365 app uses. There are a multitude of other trends and patterns of this kind. Describing them all (there are like several dozen of them) would not fit in this review.

The developers of the app also actively filter out signals during major news events. This is because during major news events, trends such as the one described in the above example are less reliable because they are tampered by external events. So, your signals will always be up-to-date and use real world information and data.

Short and long term signals

Most other signal providers use short-term signals only. I never quite understood why. Signals365 offers you the possibility to use long-term signals as well. Long-term signals refer to binary options positions with long expiration times.

Long-term options are very valuable, as they are easier to predict than short-term options.

Why is this signal different than others?

Well, first of all, Binary365 does actually work, unlike many other binary options signals.

However, most importantly, this signal app works with any broker. If you already have an account with a broker then you DO NOT need to create a new account and make a new deposit.

Most (but not all) signal apps that force you to register at a specific broker do this because the broker is paying them. For every registration and deposit the broker is paying then a certain sum of money. Not all signals that require broker registration are like this, but unfortunately most do fall into this category.

But like said, it is not necessary to sign up at any new broker to use Signals365. You can use it with your current broker.

What are the winning rates?

The winning rates offered by Signals365 range from around 65% to 75%. These rates are more than enough to generate constant profits. With these winning rates you are capable of achieving a profit margin of 20% to 25% (this also comes down to what payout rates your broker offers).

The thing about the winning rates of Signals365 is that they indeed live up to what they promise. They don’t claim that you can win like 80% or 90% of the time like other signals do. That’s because winning rates of 90% are not possible. Anyone who claims that is lying.

The 65% to 75% winning rates are what you are going to get with this app. Like said, this is more than enough to make steady revenues.

What is the price?

In order to use Signals365 you will have to pay $99 per month.

Yes, I know that there are other free signals available on the market. So why would you choose this one where you will have to pay $99? – It’s because here you are NOT required to register at a broker recommended by the signal app and make a deposit there.

All the free signals will ask you to register at a broker recommended by them because they will earn a commission from the broker. This is in itself not wrong, provided that the signal app does actually work. However, many traders already have their own broker and find no reason to open yet another account and make a new deposit.

Signals365 does not need you to sign up at a broker recommended by them. For this reason, they do not make money from the brokers like the free signals do. As such, they will have to charge a fee to stay in business.

UPDATE January 10th 2015: Signals365 has now a free version as well provided you sign up at one of their recommended brokers.

Their recommended broker list consists of only regulated and legit brokers. However, unlike other signals that are free with broker registration Signals365 is not associated with the brokers. The brokers don’t even know you will use Signals365, as in order to get your free version you will have to send the Signals365 admins an email with proof of deposit at one of the brokers. (meaning the broker account is not linked with the Signals365 software)

Also, the paid registration-free version is still available to anyone, so if you have your doubts you can still go for that option.

Signals365 explained that the decision to offer the app for free with broker registration was due to the fact that there are essentially two important market segments in the signals market:

1.) those who already have a broker and just want the signals and 2.) those who don’t have a broker and want both signals and a broker.

For this reason, the app creators decided to satisfy the needs of both customer types. The Signals365 team is very upfront and straightforward about these things, unlike many other signals who just sneakily offer you the free version of their app to get the broker commissions.

UPDATE September 12th 2016: Readers have been asking me if Signals365 is up and running. Yes, it’s still up and as far as I can see it still delivers good results and is still within the 70%-75% winning rate average. So, yes, the application is still working and is safe to use.


If you want to check out Signals365 you can go directly to the app’s website. I’m sure I did leave out some things from this review, so don’t hesitate to look around on Signals365’s website to learn more before you register.