Pro Binary Signals is in our opinion one of the best-ranked binary options signal providers on the market. This is because this service provider allows to trade on multiple assets, uses an advanced software platform and most importantly, all signals are generated by real human analysts.

The company behind the signal service promises a minimum winning rate of 80%, something that is extremely high in the financial trading business. However, The service provider promises that traders may even achieve a profit margin of up to 185% per day.

Signal Generation Method

Unlike the majority of the binary options signal providers on the market, Pro Binary Signals does not generate its signals by using complicated software and algorithms. All the signals generated by the company are made by real financial analysts.

Signals generated by real people are obviously several times more accurate than signals generated by software. A software program is never able to take into consideration issues such as trader sentiment as well as latest news and events.

However, most signal providers can’t afford to hire real experts because such people are extremely expensive. Being in the business for more than 10 years and being a large company, the venture behind Pro Binary Signals can permit itself to hire such experts.

Assets and Options Types

Signals will be generated on all the assets that are being offered by the financial trading brokers endorsed by Pro Binary Signals. Most signal providers on the other hand only offer the possibility to trade signals on either just stocks or forex currency pairs.

However, only trading on traditional high/low options are supported by the signal service offered by the company. This is actually a good thing because these are the options types that can be predicted the easiest – meaning that the promised winning ratio will always be high.

How to Use

In order to use the signal trading service provided by Pro Binary Signals traders will have to register first. After registering, traders will be required to select one or multiple of the endorsed online trading brokers and register there as well.

Traders will also obviously have to find their accounts at the respective brokers. After this, the signal provider will send notifications to traders regarding what options contracts they should buy and what outcome they should predict. Notifications can be sent to traders on either SMS, email and push notifications to a smartphone. The push notification method is actually the most useful tool in case traders register at an endorsed broker that has mobile capabilities as well.

Minimum Winning Guarantee

Based on the service’s description as well our own experiment, Pro Binary Signals provides a minimum guaranteed winning ratio of at least 80%. When we conducted our own research, we won 34 out of 40 trades, meaning that we achieved a winning ratio of 85%.

This means that traders will be able to generate profits on a constant basis all the time. No matter what happens, traders will not lose money if they consistently use the signals provided and never skip out any of the signals provided.

The above is very important to remember. Traders often don’t realize this and then later claim that a signal service does not live up to the promised minimum winning rates. Minimum winning rates are calculated by taking into consideration the sum average of multiple trades.

So, if you skip following 50% of the signals that were provided to you then you might risk lowering your winning ratio to just 40%. Always be consistent in case you decide to use a signal service provider. This is the most useful advice you can get.

Fees and Commissions

Traders will have to pay a sum of $99 per month in order to use the services provided by the company. However, traders may as well try out the signal services for a week with only $9.

The $9 trial will allow traders to see if the signals are actually useful or not. Within a week it’s extremely easy to generate $99 in profits (in fact, you can do than even within an hour). So the $99 fee is actually completely insignificant if you consistently trade during the trial week.

There are zero commissions charged on winning trades, unlike at some other binary options signal providers. The $99 subscription fee is the only fee that you will ever have to pay. 100% of the profits you make will belong to you, which you can withdraw at any moment.

Final Words

We think that this Pro Binary Signals review clearly shows that this service provider is indeed professional and accurate. If you feel the same then feel free to register at Pro Binary Signals by clicking on one of the red sign up buttons we displayed on this page.

Also, if you want to learn more about binary options copy trading then check out our articles posted on our site. These will teach you how to use signal binary options trading efficiently in order to generate guaranteed winnings on a constant basis.