OptionRobot Review

OptionRobot is a highly successful trading robot that works with many brokers. Besides keeping your chances of success above 80%, this ingenious piece of trading software will also offer you lots of versatility as a trader. And that means you can use a trading style that you are truly comfortable with. Also noteworthy is the fact that the robot is completely free, and uses a defensible trading system consisting of the most relied-upon indicators in the financial markets.

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Success rate: 83%

Price: Free

Go to site: http://www.optionrobot.com

  • No downloads necessary
  • The robot is free
  • Multiple licensed brokers supported
  • High success rate
  • Multilingual support offered to clients
  • Multiple trading options available

When a team of software developers came together in 2014, they ended up creating an amazing trading robot, which they named OptionRobot. The robot was a hit from the very get-go, and today, it continues to make waves for the unmatched trading potential it offers.

Quite literally, this binary options robot has withstood the time test, which is without a doubt one of the hallmarks of a reliable and consistently profitable automated binary options trading signal.

The most notable feature about this trading robot is that it does not force any trading conditions down your throat. So, if you have an established trading style, and are seeking a signal service that will take this fact into consideration, then you will be very happy with what this trading robot is offering. Here are more details on what OptionRobot is all about.

How the Signals are Made

As is typical of all trading robots, OptionRobot uses an advanced algorithm to generate trading signals. These signals are then executed on your linked broker account. The signals are generated using reliable forex indicators, which is why they are very effective.

The signals are generated with the help of six indicators. These are the trend, the RSI, the Williams Percent Range indicator, MACD, the stochastic indicator, and the CCI. In the settings tab on the site’s platform, you can choose which indicators to use as you trade.

For instance, you can choose to use two indicators. In such cases, the two indicators would have to generate a similar signal before the robot can execute it on your account. Therefore, the more indicators you use, the more accurate the signals, but the number of signals will be much lower as well.

Fortunately, this robot can create several signals using multiple assets, which means you will still get signals even when using the most stringent indicator settings.

How the Signals are Delivered

The signals are delivered automatically to your trading account. So, you will not have to sit at your computer waiting for the signals to be generated so that you can copy them to your account manually – the robot will do this for you.

There is a catch though, you must be online for this to happen.

Money Management Features

Money management is clearly something the developers of this automated trading system took into consideration during its creation. As a trader, you will have three options that will dictate how much risk you will face as you use the signals the company is offering to its customers.

Not only can you adjust your level of market exposure, you can even use one of a couple of established trading styles while at it. There are three main trading options that help with money management when using OptionRobot, as explained below.

Classic System: This system is described as the safest and the most secure. The profits will rise at a much lower pace, but you can rest assured that even if things go wrong, you will not suffer any major losses.

Martingale System: This trading system is a little riskier, but the profits are much higher also. The signal provider has set up its system such that each forex pair in its list of assets has a different Martingale sequence.

Fibonacci System: This system is the most accurate. The trade size will depend on how much money you have lost or won with your preceding trades.


The accuracy of the signals provided by OptionRobot is within your control. But even at its most basic setting, the signals you will get will be pretty reliable. Obviously, when you use two indicators, your signals will be more accurate than when you rely on a single indicator.

Basically, a more accurate robot setting will give you less signals because of the signal must fulfill a longer list of requirements before it can be executed on your trading account.

But you have nothing to worry about with regard to accuracy when using this signal service since the average success rate is already well above 80%. In binary options, you will typically need a success rate of more than 60% to be profitable, which means with an 83% rate of success, you will be making money on a regular basis.

Cost of the Signal

The signals provided by OptionRobot are absolutely free. The only requirement is that you open an account with the recommended broker using this signal service and deposit at least $200 into it to begin trading. From there, you can set your trading preferences and sit back as the robot does the trading for you.

Customer Support

Even though the signals provided by this company are free, it still makes the effort to make the trading experience more reliable for its customers. The company offers customer support, and in several languages actually. In particular, customer support is available in English, German, Swedish, Russian, Italian, French, Dutch and even Arabic.


There are literally hundreds of binary options signal service providers out there, and many of them are scams. And among those that aren’t, many don’t even deliver results worth talking about. With OptionRobot, you can actually see how the robot is generating its results. Even better, you can even determine what quality of signals you want copied to your account using the account settings provided.

The result is a reliable robot signal service that’s capable of a very high success rate. Therefore, if you need an automated signal service that will actually deliver, then OptionRobot is one of the few good options you have at your disposal.