John Anthony Signals Review

John Anthony Signals is a binary signal app that will analyze the movement of assets and based on that makes predictions of how the assets will develop in the future. It’s one of the very few binary options signals that does actually work and was not created to get you to sign up at brokers.

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Success rate: 70%

Profit margin: 20%

Price: £99 per month - Free trial available.

Works with any broker: Yes

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  • Works with any binary options broker - no extra signup needed
  • Monthly subscription of £99 and work with any broker
  • It actually does deliver the 70% winning rate that it promises
  • All the signals it offers can actually be viewed live on their website for proof
  • Is not affiliated with any binary options broker
  • Has a multitude of winning guides and tips as well available for free

John Anthony Signals is a binary options signals application that will not require you to sign up at a broker in order for you to be able to use it. It’s a subscription service meaning that you can use it with any binary options broker.

The main reasons why I decided to add this signal service to my website are as follows:

– It does work, unlike other services of this kind

– It does not need you to sign up with a “recommended” broker – it works with any broker

How does it work?

The signals offered by John Anthony aren’t using anything secretive and are not a “secret cheat” or any BS talk like that. It’s actually very simple how this service works. The software used by the application was programmed to constantly sweep the movement of assets using various charts.

The aim of this is to discover so-called trends and patterns. Trends are predefined movements in the value of an asset. For example, if an asset suddenly drops in value within just a few seconds, then usually this is followed by a reversal. This is because seeing the new low price investors decide to buy the asset, which drives the price up.

This is just one of the possible dozens of different patterns. Patterns and trends are also a basic method of manually (without signals) making money online with binary options.

But as their name suggests, patterns are always predefined, meaning that if you catch a pattern during its initial development state you can most of the time predict what comes next.

Likewise, since patterns are predefined, you can also write a computer program that will look out for them and then send you a notification with trading instructions. This is exactly how John Anthony Signals is supposed to work.

The difference however is that John Anthony Signals actually does work and does deliver the claimed winning rate of around 72%. Others that claim winning rates of like 80% or more usually are fake (I’ve detailed it below why).

How many signals per day and how to use?

Generally, you will receive around 15 to 20 signals per day. This will allow you to make the most out of this service since in case you miss a few signals then it won’t be the end of the world.

You are however recommended to follow as many signals as possible. The reasons are pure statistics. A winning rate of 72% is an average number based on all the signals that the application is generating during a certain time frame (usually weeks).

This means that if you, for example, follow 5 signals sent by the application and then you don’t use the app anymore for a week, then your winning rate could be even as low as 0%… or as high as even 100%.

The example above is obviously extreme, but the idea is that if you only follow a few signals then no way can you expect your winning rate to be accurate. A winning rate of 72% means that in general from 100 trades 28 will be wrong. It’s all a numbers game, nothing guarantees that your first 5 trades won’t all be wrong and only after that you will win.

This is also the principal reason why I always recommend trades to invest the minimum allowed amount allowed by the broker per investment. Seek out a broker that allows investments as low as even $5 per trade.

Too often I get emailed by someone complaining that the signals recommended by me are not working. After I further investigate it turns out they deposited like $200 at their broker and then made investments of $50 or $75 per trade. 4-5 trades later their accounts were wiped and they accused me of referring them to scams.

4-5 trades guarantee you nothing. A signals service can be 95% accurate and it can still happen you lose all your first 5 trades (but win the next 95 – again, an extreme example, I know). Either invest low amounts per trade or make a high deposit at your broker.

What are the winning rates?

John Anthony Signals promises a winning rate of around 70% up to 72%. This is exactly what you will get if you will follow the signals sent by the application. If you just play around and try out 3-4 signals and then give up, then obviously no one can guarantee you anything.

If however you are determined to stick around and actually follow the signals sent by the app then using John Anthony Signals is a great choice. The app was developed with beginners in mind and as such you can use it even if you have minimal experience with binary options. What is the price?

The price to use John Anthony Signals is £99. If your currency is not British Pounds you can still pay in EUR and USD during the registration process. It will simply convert your currency into GBP.

Using the paid version of the app allows you to use the signal service with any broker you want. You don’t have to sign up at any specific broker recommended by the app. If you already have a broker account there is no need to create a new one.

If, however, you don’t have a broker account and would have to create one anyway, then you actually can sign up at one of the brokers recommended by the app. In this case, you will get one month free access from John Anthony Signals.

I’ve checked the brokers they recommend and they are all good and mostly the same that I have also approved on my website, so it’s fine.

Why do you say that “John Anthony Signals works unlike others”?

Well, it’s not a secret that there are a huge number of fake binary options signals out there that were created by the brokers themselves to get people to register and then lose their money.

These signals are usually completely for free however they force you to register at one of the brokers they recommend. This is because they are either run by the brokers themselves or the people who run it are being paid by the broker a commission for every registration.

These signals send you fake signals that will make you lose all the money deposited. Since they are mostly run by the brokers it’s obvious why this is so.

This is why I say that John Anthony Signals is actually for real. It’s not affiliated with the brokers and even recommends you don’t tell your broker that you are using the signal service (brokers don’t like when you win).

If you want to find out more about John Anthony Signals then check out the website directly here.