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Binary Options Pro Signals is in our opinion one of the most reliable provider of signal trading services. For just $97 you will be offered signals that will be accurate around 80% of the time. With such accuracy, generating profits will be extremely easy. Profits traders can look forward to will be around 25%, meaning on each $100 invested traders can get $25.

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Success rate: 80%+

Profit margin: 25%

Price: $97 per month

Refund: 30 days guaranteed refund

Trusted: Yes

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  • Close to 80% accuracy
  • 25% Profit Margin
  • Only $97 per month
  • Initial investment of just $7
  • Review with just $1 per day
  • 15% Cashback Rebate deal

Binary Options Pro Signals is the advanced version of the service called Binary Options Stock Signals provided by the same company. BOPS differs from BOSS on two main aspects such as the fact that BOPS offers other assets than stocks as well as provides a higher rate of accuracy.

Read this Binary Options Pro Signals review in order to learn more about the services provided by the company. Find out how you can try out the services offered with just $1 per day and how you can recover all the fees paid if you don’t like the service.

Assets Provided and Types of Options

Binary Options Pro Signals gives traders the possibility to automatically trade stocks and forex currency pairs. Both asset categories have a lot of items, allowing traders to form their own strategies and methods based on the assets they know and understand the most.

However, only old-school high/low options are provided, which is actually a good thing considering that these are the safest options available. Other options types such as one-touch options are notorious for being hard to predict by traders. If the company would offer these options, then it would not be able to guarantee a winning rate of 72.5%.

How to Use

Traders will first have to register at Binary Options Pro Signals. After this, they will be offered a list of approved binary options brokers. They will have to register at one or at multiple brokers of this kind. After this, they will begin receiving signals provided by the company on their email.

One a trader has received a signal, he or she will have to decide to either accept the signal or reject it. If a signal is accepted, then the trader will have to specify the amount that he or she wants to invest.

Like we use to say in all of our articles of this kind, traders should never decline signals provided in case they have decided to sign up at a signal provider. Winning ratios are always calculated taking in consideration multiple trades, so if you skip certain trades you will not be promised the minimum winning ratio.

Algorithm and Accuracy

The signals generate by the company are created using a software. This software platform takes into consideration multiple advanced indicators and graphs as well as trader sentiment by simultaneously analyzing the behavior of thousands of traders.

After we have registered at the signal provider in order to review it, we executed a total of 56 trades and achieved a winning ratio of 76%, which is actually much better than the minimum of 72.5% promised by the company.

The same was also experienced by other binary options experts and a lot of our friends who also run websites about binary options trading. So, we can first handedly confirm that the signals provided by Binary Options Pro Signals are accurate.

Minimum Winning Ratio

At this moment the company promises a minimum winning ratio of 72.5%. In order to understand what this means you will need to know that in order to generate profits all the time most of the time, you need to achieve a winning ratio of around 65%.

So, this leaves a profit margin of around 12.5% to 15% to traders. This might not seem much, however you have to keep in mind that this is guaranteed, meaning that you will achieve this profit margin all the time, no matter what.

This however is boosted by the 15% rebate offered on losing trades. What this means is that each time you execute an unsuccessful trade based on the signals provided you will get 15% of your money back. So, in reality the guaranteed profit margin is actually around 15%-20%, which is very high.

Commissions and Fees

The subscription fee charged by the company is $97 per month. However, traders will have the possibility to try out and evaluate the services offered by the company with an initial fee of just $7. This will allow traders to use all the services provided in live, real money trading mode for 7 days.

Only after traders are convinced that the services are real and accurate will they have to pay the $97 fee. Obviously, there are also no extra fees whatsoever like it’s the case at most other signal providers that charge a commission on winning trades. There is no commission of that kind required. You keep 100% of the profits to yourself.

But the best part is that traders are entitled to receive back their subscription money after a maximum of 60 days in case they are not satisfied by the services provided. The money paid for two months subscription is $7+$97+$97 and traders can get back 100% of the money, no questions asked, in case they don’t like the services offered.

Final Words

We believe that while being expensive, Binary Options Pro Signals is a reliable and accurate service provider. You can realistically recover a full month’s subscription money within just one hour after trading. We actually did this ourselves as described in the review of the services provider’s sister site, B.O.S.S.

So, as such, we highly recommend you the services provided by the company. And like mentioned, you can always get your money back even after 60 days after you subscribed in case you don’t like the services offered. This is really a bargain. Register now.