Binary Option Robot Review

Binary Option Robot is a binary options signal provider that offers winning chances of above 70%. It’s a service that comes completely for free with broker signup. It’s one of the extremely few binary options signals services that I trust and recommend. Read the review below to learn more.

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Success rate: 75%

Profit margin: 25%

Price: Free

Works with any broker: Yes

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  • Offers stable winning rates between 70% and 75%
  • Possible to trade automatically even when you are offline
  • You can limit your losses with the settings in the system
  • Is completely free with broker registration
  • One of the extremely few applications of this kind that can be trusted
  • Was developed in good faith by real traders

If you’re reading my site you’ll know that I’m extremely reluctant to recommend any kind of binary options signals due to the back track record of such products. There are a very limited number of such products that I can indeed recommend for traders.

One of the extremely few binary options signals that I can indeed recommend is Binary Option Robot. This is because the software has been developed in good faith by real traders and it does indeed try to help the trader in making money.

Read this Binary Option Robot review in order to learn more about this service.

How are the signals being made?

Like in the case of many other products of this kind, Binary Option Robot uses an algorithm that is continually checking the value of an asset in real time. Once the algorithm detects a pattern or a trend it will send a notification to the trader advising him or her to make the appropriate investment.

Trends are predefined movements of the value of assets. For example, if an asset has been increasing continually for several hours and then it suddenly drops it’s expected that during the next few minute the value of the asset will rise back to the original value. This is because the sudden drop added with the confidence offered by the previous increase determined traders to buy the asset.

This is called a trend. It’s called a trend because it always behaves in the same fashion. So, if you can detect such a trend while it’s being formed you can predict what comes next.

This is exactly what Binary Option Robot does. The difference between this service and others however is the fact that it was developed in good faith and it does actually deliver results. In other words the brokers themselves did not develop it.

It is completely independent and is not affiliated with a broker. The owner of Binary Option Robot told me that if the brokers intend to make money on the traders that register with Binary Option Robot they would have to get them to trade manually instead, as the robot is favoring the traders.

How will the signals be delivered?

The signals will be sent to you on the interface that you will be able to access after registering at the service. This means that you will have to be online and have accessed the website in order to trade.

This is actually very good because this way you will have full control over what is being traded. This way you can cancel a trade if you disagree with the signal and are able to only execute the trades that you personally feel comfortable with.

Auto trading However, if you want to let the system trade automatically then this is perfectly possible as well. Inside the application you will have the possibility to allow the system to automatically execute trades even if you are not online.

Money management

Binary Option Robot is one of the few binary signals that also have a money management feature. With this option you will have the possibility to cut your losses significantly and almost completely eliminate the possibility of bankruptcy.

For example, you can adjust the software to not lose more than $50 per day no matter what. So, if it happens that you have a losing streak then the software will not continue investing during that day. On the other hand, the application will continue on trading in case your investments are in the money.

Also, you can adjust that if an X number of trades were lost, then the software should not continue trading during that day. This way you can significantly cut back on the risk of losing your money.

In the case of other signal products that execute trades automatically you have no control over how much you can lose. If you are in a losing streak then traditional signal apps will continue to lose your money and you can do nothing about it.

As explained above, with Binary Option Robot you can set the application so that it stops trading if you have lost too much.

How accurate is it?

Binary Option Robot always publicly publishes the results of its app, which can be found on the robots’ website. Based on that information and my text that I have conducted with 100 trades, the app offers a winning rate of around 70% to 75%.

This is a very realistic winning rate that if you achieve will help you make money consistently. Generally, you need a winning rate of around 60% to 65% to be in profits. With 70%+ you will always be making profits.

Another thing about Binary Option Robot is the fact that it was actually developed in good faith to help traders make money. It was not developed by a broker in order to get traders to sign up at that broker so that the broker makes money.

Binary Option Robot is at this moment one of the only 3 binary signals that I trust and can recommend.

What is the price?

Binary Option Robot comes free of charge if you register at one of the binary options brokers recommended by them. And yes, they do make money from the fact that you signed up at the broker (this is the reason it’s free for you) however this does not mean that they side with the broker.

The developers of the robot made it very clear that the app sides with the trader and if the brokers want to make money off the traders they will have to convince the traders to trade manually (and potentially) lose rather than trade with the app.

This is also the reason why it’s recommended to use multiple brokers with Binary Option Robot. If you only use one broker and your winnings will be too high, the broker might decide to unlink your trading account with your Binary Robot Account.

So, if you spread out your winnings across multiple brokers and steadily withdraw your winnings without raising any suspicions it will be fine.


Like I said above, Binary Option Robot is one of the very few binary options signals that I actually trust (and there are like 200+ different signal applications out there). This is because the app was developed in good faith and does actually aim to deliver solid results.

And it’s also extremely rare that I recommend a signal app that comes for free as well and makes money from broker signups. It’s because most of these are scams. However, Binary Option Robot does actually work and is clearly aimed to help traders.

If you want to learn more information about this service you can do so by going directly to Binary Option Robot’s website linked here.