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Updated on: 11 August 2016

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Absolutely, High Frequency Trader is a scam, and in this review you will learn why. Immediately you land on this binary scam's home page, you will be told that you are about to make $9,838 every single day from binary trading; without even needing any experience of the industry. But don't believe a word of it: this is just the first in a long list of bold and ridiculous lies this scam site will throw at you in an attempt to part you from your money.

In fact, I didn't have to wait long before a pop up message came up and told me I had been specially chosen to try out the system for free. But this time, I was promised a daily profit of $13,425. The warning signs did not end there, but more of that in a while.

I did further digging on what the site was offering. The one thing that was absolutely clear from my analysis of the site and its offers is that High Frequency Trader is anything but a money making system. Don't expect anything good to come from handing over your money to these posers, they have no error-proof automated program to help you rake in millions on autopilot.

My analysis went deep, and although the site is designed to give the impression of being legitimate, I can confirm that it is a scam in every sense of the word. Anyway, here are the highlights.

What Is High Frequency Trader?

To quote their words, the creators of this program describe High Frequency Trader as “an automated trading system that does all the job for you.” The program is also described as 100% free; and in case you are concerned that you won’t get your money back after making a deposit, in the FAQ section there is an assurance that you can withdraw your profits at any time you want.

And why, you might ask, would they give this amazing program to you for free? Apparently, all they want is to get 1% of the $9,838 you make per day; or is it $13,425 – it was not very clear.

Moreover, based on the testimonials on the site, it only takes $250 to become a millionaire using this trading program.

You Have To Use A Recommended Broker

High Frequency Trader wastes no time in asking you to deposit money with its recommended broker. As soon as you have given them an email and your contact details, they will ask you to fund your account with the shadowy broker using your Visa or Mastercard.

At this point, they haven’t even let you open an account with the broker to begin with; and yet they are already asking you to make a deposit. As if that is not suspicious enough, they don’t even bother to tell you what broker you are about to send $250 dollars to.

Ridiculous Claims

Apparently, High Frequency Trader makes use of an electronic system that is able to achieve a 100% success rate. You would have to be quite unaware of the basic workings of the international financial market to believe this ludicrous statement. Other than that, you are supposed to make around $10,000 a day from just a $250 deposit, including the day you make your first $250 deposit.

Fake Results

As with any other scam of this kind out there, High Frequency Trader also presents you with a bunch of fake trading results. To their credit, they have done a lot better than most scams are able to achieve. The results are dynamic, with the latest results indicating that recently closed trades were entered and closed recently. There are even some open trades with their current market rates constantly being updated.

But even though they have gone to all this trouble to make the results table convincing, I was able to pick out some obvious flaws in their masterwork. To begin with, every time you refresh the page, the payouts of the already closed trades, as well as the amounts staked, change.

Other than that, the duration of these trades, which appears to be around an hour, also fails to match the ‘evidence’ in the video suggesting that users are literally moving from just $250 to over $5,000 in minutes. With one of the clients using the system, the account was able to grow from $5,000 to $9,000 within a few seconds.

Fake Credentials

The site also makes use of fake security credentials. In particular, the website claims to have McAfee security, VeriSign, GeoTrust, SSL and a Symantec certificate. These credentials usually have links to prove that they are real. Of course, you won’t find any such links here.

So, they may steal more than just your money when you decide to pay for their services – your financial information could end up in the wrong hands as well. Word is that they are relentless in bombarding owners of the emails they possess with offers to sign up with their scam services as well.

Paid Actors

The guy pitching the program and offering to grant you free access for a $250 deposit is a fake actor, not a millionaire trader as he would like you to believe. He is available for hire at Fiverr, where he advertises his services. Based on his Fiverr profile, he can be anything from a doctor to being the multi-millionaire creator of a binary options scam system if you are willing to pay for it.

By the way, his name on the freelance site is Mark, probably, not Steve as he claims in the video. The clients on the site are also actors and actresses who are available for hire whenever you need a video testimonial.

In Conclusion

The creators of this scam have pulled all the stops to ensure you are convinced of the validity of the offer they are making. But in the end, their true intentions are betrayed by the fake actors, unattainable promises and other scam signs. The only way you can earn money through this system is making sure they never get their hands on it. So, be warned – High Frequency Trader is definitely a scam through and through.

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