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Updated on: 17 December 2016

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OneTouch calls itself the most advanced trading algorithm out there. A more accurate description, as per my investigation, is that OneTouch is one of the most recent binary options scams out there. The creators of this scam, however, have nothing to learn from the binary options scammers that came before them.

The makers of this binary options trading system have put together a site that clearly shows some of the best levels of ‘professionalism’ in this shady line of work. To get you going, they will immediately start playing you a video showing you the life that this trading system could buy you – a palatial home, big expensive cars, and all the time in the world to enjoy yourself and do the things you truly love.

And there is nothing in the site’s design quality to tell you that it’s a scam. Yea, they are that good. Only a careful experienced eye can spot the site’s hidden intentions. But in the end, the fact remains that OneTouch is a scam, and here is the proof.

What is OneTouch?

To quote the makers of this program, OneTouch is “the most advanced trading algorithm out there”. The ensuing description pitches it as a fast, smart market tool that can make split second decisions resulting in huge profits for you.

And that’s about it. There aren’t lots of details as to how the algorithm truly works, what indicators is uses, or anything else. There’s an FAQ though; but this section of the site is full of all kinds of ridiculous claims about the abilities of this program.

But generally speaking, there are no new tricks here; One Touch uses the very same old tricks to try to deceive its visitors. As soon as you land on this site’s homepage, you will be met with a pop up entreating you to sign up, so that you can have $6,000 in profits sitting in your account a few hours later.

Clearly, they don’t want you to waste any time listening to their video or reading the content on their site – they want you to open an account and make a deposit as soon as possible.

Paid Actor

The guy animatedly urging you to join OneTouch goes by the name Jeffrey Peterson. His story? He apparently watched a video about the trading system himself and decided to give it a try. The next moment he was driving high-end sports cars and living in a multi-million dollar home.

In reality, Mr. Peterson is just an actor. The house and car he shows off in the video pitching the OneTouch app are even used by him in another video to advertise a different scam. Don’t you think it’s surprising that no Gold Campbell Ltd member would care to explain what their system is all about, especially given its magical abilities to make millions for its customers after investments of just a few hundred dollars?

Ridiculous Claims

Practically every statement on the One Touch site is a lie. In fact, there are far too many of these, even by scam site standards. One of these claims is that you will make thousands of dollars hours after signing up.

In their video are examples of people who have used the OneTouch system to make huge profits. One of the users, a woman, is tauted as having made half a million in just six months, while a Mr. Webb was able to make more than $200,000 using this system in couple of days.

Fake Certifications

At the bottom of the page are digital security certificates purporting that this site has obtained approval from Symantec, GeoTrust, VeriSign, SSL, and even McAfee SECURE. The logos look very legit, unless you wanted to check this out further, in which case you would discover that the icons don’t even have links you can use to confirm the alleged site credentials. That means that the designers of this site fraudulently used certification symbols from these companies with the hope that visitors would not bother to confirm their authenticity.

Fake Testimonials

Every one of the four testimonials you will find at OneTouch is fake – a quick Google image search should allay any doubts about this fact. Each of the pictures the creators of this scam have used is easy to find on stock photo sites or the internet in general.

And these guys have really phoned it in; they did not even bother to edit the photos like some of their ‘wiser’ colleagues – that would have made it harder to locate the original source of the photos. It should be obvious at this point that even the names you see below each photo are fake.

To Sum Up

The OneTouch site says a lot, without actually explaining what it’s about, how it was created, or even how it works. The only message – sign up! Every other statement is just a lie to lure you to try out this trading system.

The OneTouch algorithmic trading system is a scam through and through; and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The evidence of this is overwhelmingly substantial. The program uses a fake actor, fake security credentials, stolen photos, dubious testimonials, ludicrous claims, and lots of fake promises in an attempt to get you to sign up.

I can assure you that the only thing you should expect from this trading system is a quick loss of your money, not millions of dollars like the site claims.

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