Is Copy Trade Profit a Scam Binary Signal?

Updated on: 6 January 2020

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One of the “great” things of reviewing hundreds of binary options brokers and signal providers is the fact that your email address is now being spammed every single day by scammers who claim to have launched a new winning signal product.

This way I don’t even have to look out myself for the latest binary options scam anymore. All I have to do is to just check out the mail I get from these websites and add all the products they promote to my scam list.

Today I’d like to talk about the newest binary options scam called Copy Trade Profit. It seems to be another of the new and upcoming binary options signal products.

The thing about this product however is the fact that it does not work and will result in you losing money no matter what.

Read below in order to find out why Copy Trade Profit does not work.

Is Copy Trade Profit a Scam?: Yes, it is definitely a scam.

A completely legitimate and trusted trading signal service is BinaryRobot365. With this tool you will definitely be able to make money, unlike with Copy Trade Profit, which does not work.

How does it work?

The system will supposedly scan the charts related to many major assets and will then attempt to discover trends and patters. When such a pattern is discovered it will then automatically execute the appropriate trade in your account.

In reality however it appears that the “signals” it generates are completely random and follow no logical order. What this means is that your trades will be based completely on luck and chance.

If you deposit money at one of the brokers recommended by them you will eventually lose it no matter what. You are better of trading manually by yourself even if you are a complete beginner, as no matter what you do, with you will lose.

How does it make money?

Copy Trade Profit makes money by you signing up at the brokers recommended by them. They will usually be paid around $400 (!!!!!!!!!) per registration who also makes a deposit at the recommended broker.

Obviously, the broker will have to earn that $400 back and then some profits as well, therefore it is no possible under any circumstance to allow the traders to win. Why would the brokers pay Copy Trade Profit $400 per trader if the traders will then end up winning money?

It’s obvious just based on this that no one will be making money with this signal app.

But, can I really not make any money with it?

No, you can’t. If you are having any hopes of making money with Copy Trade Profit then forget about it quickly. Like I said, after taking a look at the signals they offer they are being generated completely by random and do not follow any patterns of any kind.

It’s basically 100% gambling. It does not work. More so, like explained above, it was intentionally created not to work so that the brokers that they make traders register can make money.

The reason I decided to write about this case is because it seems that it has become one of the most visited binary options websites lately. I have no idea how they have achieved this or what they did to get so many traders getting them to take them serious but it seems that it has happened out of the sudden.

What’s even worse is that it appears that so far almost no one has written a warning about them and in case traders search for Copy Trade Profit review or Copy Trade Profit scam they will not find almost any information about this service and will then sign up and lose all their money.

Instead you should register at a signal service that does actually work, such as BinaryRobot365, which will not scam you and has a proven track record of success.

Anyway, to cut things short: Do not sign up at Copy Trade Profit as it will not work. Now, it might still be that it wasn’t actually developed intentionally not to work and it’s possible that the system just sucks but it doesn’t matters. What matters is that you will not make any money with it no matter what.

Looking to find legit signals?

Unfortunately there are extremely few binary options signal applications that actually work. I personally only recommend 3 services of this kind, which are Signals365, Binary Option Robot and John Anthony Signals.