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Updated on: 30 August 2016

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Like many others before it, Cash Formula is an obvious binary options scam, despite making every possible effort to suggest otherwise. The site's welcome page is craftily designed to ensure that you do not even get to learn too much about the program without first giving up your names and email.

If not, you are stuck listening to the program creator explain how he stumbled upon a financial market secret that he has apparently decided to dish out to anyone interested in this ironclad money-making formula.

But despite the twists and turns along the way, Cash Formula has undoubtedly been proven to be a complete scam that will end with you losing your money to its creator and some shady affiliated brokers.

But you don't have to take my word for it, here are some things I learned about this program and its dishonest intentions while doing my research.

What Is Cash Formula?

According to the system’s FAQs, Cash Formula is a modern cash generating system that uses the dollar market to not only generate money for its clients, but millions of it. In fact, to support this bold claim, the company has a several testimonials of people who have turned into millionaires within months of joining the program with an investment of only $250.

The program is claimed to have a 99% success rate, and on average, you are supposed to make about $10,000 a month or thereabouts. With deposits of more than the standard $250, they promise that you can make a lot more than $10,000 a day through their automated trading system.

You Have To Use A Recommended Broker

In order to use the Cash Formula, you have to open an account with a recommended broker, and not only that, fund it through this trading system’s interface. The creators of this program are quite insistent on this fact, they have addressed it two times in their FAQ section. Actually, you will not even get to download their software before making the deposit.

The goal here is quite clear – they are obviously trying to get you to sign up with a scam broker and then get paid for the introduction. Any attempts to make contact with the creators of this system will lead you right into the arms of shady brokers trying to convince you to make a deposit with them.

In fact, this is the whole purpose of the program, and as soon as you have made the deposit, the only time they will be willing to listen to you are if you give them the impression that you could make additional deposits. But in the end, any money you deposit will be lost forever.

Unreasonable and Inconsistent Claims

When it comes to saying how much you stand to make from using their system, the creators of this system are all over the place. At one point, they claim to have 99% accuracy. However, in the videos, the figures of potential accuracy of their system is claimed to be much lower.

The system is apparently supposed to make you $10,000 a day, and you can make a lot more than this, up to a limit of $20,000.

Vague Details About The Program

Most creators of trading systems are very comfortable sharing the details of their programs to ensure that their customers know precisely what they are getting into as they sign up, but the creators of the CashFormula program take an exception to this.

They are perfectly comfortable documenting the life Tim Stafford has bought with his winnings, but focus very little on the details of the program itself. And to top this off, you will not even get a chance to try the system unless you have opened an account with the broker they recommend and made the required deposit of at least $250.

There is clearly an intention to reveal as little as possible about the basics of the program, which goes to show that they have plenty to hide, especially the fact that such a brilliantly successful money-making system does not actually exist.

Fake Actors

For a multi-millionaire who has dedicated his life to helping other people become millionaires, and someone who has no qualms about them sharing their awe-inspiring experiences with the world, there is very little to be learned of Tim Strafford’s life on the internet.

In this day and age, and for such a technologically inclined professional, that is indeed a strange thing. The same can be said of the people giving testimonials on his site about turning into millionaires through his system.

The one thing this proves is that the creators of this program went to lots of trouble to hire the most obscure actors to ensure that no negative information could be found about them online, unless in relation to the CashFormula program.

In Conclusion

Basically, Cash Formula has tried to provide as little information to its users about the system as possible. This might make it hard for some people to realize that they are dealing with a scam trading system. However, the little that is there about the system gives away its well-hidden agenda.

To begin with, the claims the program makes are ridiculous and obviously made up. Without giving the slightest hint as to how you will make money using the system they are offering, they are quite insistent on you making a deposit with their recommended broker. But obviously, this is money you will never see again.

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