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Updated on: 11 August 2016

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Spain is one of the largest countries when it comes to binary options trading. A large number people who trade on financial assets these days are from Spain. However, at this moment Spain does not have any laws related to online investing and binary options brokers.

So, does this mean that binary options are illegal in Spain? Is it therefore not recommended to trade on financial assets in the country? – Well, no. Binary options are legal in Spain because there is no law that states that they are illegal.

But is it then safe for people to trade on financial assets in Spain if there are no regulations? – Yes, in case traders only trade at brokers licensed in other European countries. These brokers are always reliable and safe no matter in what country you are living.

In the article below we’ll talk about the legal status of financial betting in Spain as well as about the binary options brokers that accept Spanish traders. If you want a list of the brokers of this kind, check out the list that is presented below.



Are Binary Options Legal in Spain?

Yes, financial betting at this moment legal in Spain however they are not regulated. The absence of a law regulating financial betting does not mean that this form of online investing illegal; in fact it actually means that they are legal since the government has no authority in this matter.

But now you may ask how can one make sure that the financial service providers in Spain aren’t scamming people because there are no laws that they will have to follow. The answer is that even though there are no Spanish binary options laws, there are such laws in other European Union countries.

Since Spain is a member of the European Union, the financial investing laws implemented by other European Union countries look exactly the same as Spanish binary options laws would look like in case the country would decide to implement its own binary options laws.

Play at brokers licensed in other countries

What the above means is that financial bettors living in Spain are perfectly safe if they trade at brokers licensed in other European countries. This is not only 100% legal this is also 100% safe and secure regarding everything.

The only thing that traders should avoid is trading at companies that are not regulated and licensed in any country at all. These brokers most of the time are fraudulent and are looking for targets that they can scam and abuse.

The problem with countries that do not have their own online trading laws is the fact that fraudulent websites can also access those countries. So, traders should be very vigilant to make sure that they only register at brokers that have a real and valid license from another European country.

Future of Spanish binary options laws

Spain is a large country when it comes to financial investing. It’s extremely likely that during the near future the country will decide to implement its own laws and regulations related to online investing. But until that happens people are fine trading at companies operating from other European countries.

Spanish Binary Options Brokers

At this moment there are fortunately a large number of legal binary options brokers that accept Spanish traders. Most financial service providers in existence are located and licensed in a European country, meaning that those compamies are legal in Spain as well.

Most of these brokers have also localized their software platforms into Spanish language to aid traders living in the country. They also offer specific services that were designed having specifically people living in Spain in mind.

These companies obviously follow all the laws and regulations of the country they are operating from and as such they also follow the laws and regulations regarding online trading that are valid in the European Union.

As said above, if Spain would implement its own laws of this kind then they would be the same as the already existing laws in other European countries. But as explained, there are also binary options brokers in Spain that do not have any license at all.

Again, we have to stress the importance of only trading at operators that are licensed in at least one European country. It doesn’t matter what that country is because they all have the same laws. This is the most important thing you should remember.

Toplist of legal Spanish binary options brokers

However not all Spanish binary options brokers with a license offer great services as well. There are websites that have services that are inferior to those of others. One thing that determines if a broker is good or not is if it offers a large variation of assets.

A large asset selection will enable traders to use very profitable and advanced financial investing winning strategies. Another very important thing to remember is to see if the broker in question offers a diverse portfolio of contract types. Trading only high/low contracts can be very boring after a while.

Naturally, the best Spanish binary options brokers should also offer advantageous payout rates so that winners will be able to cash in a lot more profits than the usual. Also, an adequate number of payment processors should also be provided in order to allow traders to withdraw their winnings without any hassle.

For example, the Spanish financial investing service providers that we listed on the top of this page all have a license in at least one European country. We think that they also offer top-quality services that are not being matched by other brokers in the business.

We recommend you register at these brokers if you want to trade on financial assets legally and in a safe environment. These brokers also offer a bonus in case you register with our sign up buttons on your first real money deposit.

If you are new to financial trading and you would like to learn how to win then you should read our additional tutorials and winning guides. These will teach you how to win at online investing consistently.

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