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Updated on: 11 August 2016

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Binary options trading is extremely popular in many countries around the globe including Germany. German binary options traders might however not be sure if this type of trading is actually legal or not in their country. Likewise, they are not sure if it’s safe to trade on financial assets online.

The answer to the above questions is that yes, financial betting is indeed legal in Germany. However, there are no regulations that specifically refer to this type of online trading. For this reason, German traders should only trade at brokers licensed in other countries.

Below in this page we’ll talk about the legal status of financial investing in Germany. Read this page to find out why it’s safe to trade binary options in Germany even if there are no laws of this kind in the country. Below you’ll also find a list of binary options brokers that accept German traders.



Are Binary Options Legal in Germany?

Yes, financial trading is legal in Germany. This means that both traders are allowed to trade financial instruments online and companies are also allowed to offer binary options services in the country. However, there is no specific law that states this explicitly.

At this moment there are no binary options laws in Germany. This means that traders are allowed to do whatever they want when it comes to financial betting. This does not mean that financial betting are illegal. It means the opposite of this.

It’s allowed to trade binary options in Germany

So, basically what the absence of a financial betting law means is that the government does not care if you trade financial assets online. You can do what you want when it comes to binary options in Germany. You can deposit as much as you want, trade as much as you want and trade at any broker you want.

You should only trade at legal brokers

But is this really safe? – Should you really trade financial instruments in Germany if there are no laws at all and brokers can basically do what they want since they are not obliged to follow any rules of any kind?

Well, it’s not exactly like that. There are many financial investing service providers that are legal and licensed in other countries than Germany. Most of these companies accept German traders as well. Now, it does not matter if those brokers are licensed or not in Germany.

If a broker is licensed in the United Kingdom for example, then in practice it also follows the laws of Germany too because both German laws and UK laws follow European Union regulations. A broker that is safe for a UK trader is safe for a German trader too.

So, there are basically no genuine Germany licensed binary options brokers. However, as explained, this is completely irrelevant because brokers may as well also be licensed in the UK and it’s basically the same as if they would be licensed in Germany.

Will Germany have its own binary options laws?

Probably. Initially only the USA had laws regarding financial investing. This was followed by the UK, Cyprus, Malta and Italy. More and more countries are expected to regulate this form of online trading in the future.

Germany will most likely be one of these countries considering the importance of Germany in the global business and financial world. When exactly this would happen cannot be predicted for sure. However, it’s expected that it would happen sometimes during the next few years.

But in the meantime German online investors are safe to trade at licensed online investing service providers operating from other European Union countries such as the United Kingdom, Cyprus and others that at this moment have investing laws.

Legal German Binary Options Brokers

Based on the above, pretty much all brokers operating in Germany are in a sense legal. However, traders should be able to make the difference between legitimate and fraudulent brokers. Legitimate German binary options brokers are those that have a valid license issued in other European countries.

Fraudulent brokers are those that don’t have any license at all in any country at all. Now, it might not always be that all such companies are fraudulent but it’s not worth taking the risk registering and trading at such websites.

The best thing traders should do if they live in Germany, like said above as well, is to trade at service providers licensed in other European Union countries. These brokers follow all the financial trading rules of the European Union of which Germany is also a part.

Is it really safe to trade at foreign brokers?

Yes, it’s safe to trade at foreign financial service providers licensed in other countries provided that those countries are inside of Europe. At this moment the European Union has a certain set of rules and regulations that relate to financial trading and financial services.

All countries in Europe wishing to implement their own financial investing regulations will have to abide by these EU regulations first. So what this means is that in case in the future Germany will implement its own regulations, they will pretty much be the same as the ones that are valid at this moment in other European countries.

German binary options brokers toplist

On the top of this page you will find a list of binary options brokers that accept German traders. Obviously all of these brokers are licensed in a European country meaning that they are perfectly safe and secure for traders living in Germany as well.

These are also the sites that would most likely become regulated in Germany too once the country will implement its own online trading regulations. Until that happens, the brokers’ current licenses issued outside of the country also provide the necessary safety.

We also made sure to only list those legal German binary options brokers that provide top-quality services and advanced features for both newcomers and experts alike. The listed brokers also offer deposit bonuses to traders who register from Germany.

So, check out these brokers if you want to trade legally at reliable service providers. Likewise, you should also take a look at our financial betting winning strategy guides that we specially crated for you in order to become a winner in financial trading.

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