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Updated on: 11 August 2016

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Like most Europeans, French citizens also like to trade binary options online. However, at this moment there are no regulations in France in regards to online financial trading. Despite this, binary options are naturally legal in the country.

French traders wishing to trade binary options are therefore recommended to trade at brokers that are licensed in other European countries. Doing this is perfectly safe and legal. However, what traders should not do is trading at brokers that are not licensed anywhere at all.

On this page we’ll talk about the binary options laws in France and the future of the regulatory process in the country. If you want to register at binary options brokers that accept French traders then you are welcome to register at the ones displayed below this paragraph.



Are Binary Options Legal in France?

Binary options trading is at this moment legal in France but not regulated. Not regulated means that France does not have its own laws when it comes to options trading; however this also means that binary options are legal by default.

From a legal point of view, binary brokers are perfectly fine to accept the registration to French traders. French traders are also legally allowed to register and deposit money at options trading brokers.

However, the lack of regulations mean that fraudulent brokers are also able to access the French financial betting market. For this reason, traders have to make sure to only choose brokers that are legally licensed and approved in other countries.

Trade at offshore brokers

As explained above, trading financial instruments is legal in France but not regulated. However, traders have the possibility to register at financial service providers that are licensed in other countries. It is perfectly legal and safe to do so.

However, traders should make sure to only register at brokers that received their licenses in Europe. This is because all European countries that have financial trading laws will have to follow the regulations of the European Union as well.

What this means is that a legal Cyprus binary options broker is also legal for French traders too. In case France would implement its own financial betting laws then they would look pretty much the same as those of Cyprus because both countries have to follow EU regulations.

For this reason, registering and trading at offshore European brokers is perfectly fine. At this moment the most well established European binary options jurisdictions are the United Kingdom and Cyprus. Most brokers are located in Cyprus because of the low taxes.

Is it safe to trade at offshore brokers?

If you are from France then you have to look at this whole thing from a European perspective. The fact that a broker is not regulated specifically in your country is meaningless and irrelevant in case that broker has a license in another European country.

Like said above, if France would implement its own financial betting regulations then they would look exactly the same as those of Cyprus, the UK and other European countries. European Union cross border treaties ensure that any company that’s licensed in one member state can operate in all other member states too.

Will there ever be genuine French binary options laws?

It’s definitely not unlikely that sometimes in the future the French government and legislature would implement a new law that would regulate financial betting. It cannot be said for sure when and if this will happen. It might happen this year, next year or maybe never.

But like explained, the existence of distinct binary options laws in France is not that relevant since those laws would be exactly the same that are valid anyway these days in the whole of the European Union. Nothing would change basically.

So, if you are interested in binary options, then trading at brokers licensed in other European countries is the best solution. But obviously you will have to avoid trading at brokers that do not have any license of any kind.

French Binary Options Brokers

So, if you have read all the above then you know that there are really no real French binary options brokers. However, most binary options brokers accept French traders even though they operate form other countries than France.

All the brokers that you see listed here have a valid license in at least one European country either Cyprus or the United Kingdom. Register at these if you want to trade at a legal European broker that has been evaluated by the government of a European Union country.

In our opinion, the listed brokers also all offer above average services when it comes to multiple factors such as number of assets provided, number of trading contract types offered, size of the payout rates and much more.

There are literally hundreds of financial service providers operating on the web, most of them with valid European licenses. However, we felt that these five are the ones that are the best that exist today on the internet.

If you want to learn more about these brokers and find out which one to select, you should click on their names and read their related reviews. We created these reviews after evaluating multiple criteria including the ones listed above.

After you have selected a French binary options broker, you should first trade with pay money. This will ensure that you’ll be able to evaluate all the tools and services offered before you actually take the decision to make a real money deposit.

You should also keep in mind that the listed brokers also offer a deposit bonus on your first real money deposit. Remember to request the bonus in case the broker has not automatically added it into your cashier account.

Learn to win

Finally, please feel free to take a look at our advanced online trading strategy guides that will teach you to how to trade efficiently in order to make sure to generate consistent profits all the time. – Like we use to say, winning in financial investing has nothing to do with luck, it’s a choice.

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