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With an unusually low minimum deposit of just $10, IQ Option is the quintessential low deposit broker. As a matter of fact, this broker has gotten as many rave reviews for its unbeatable minimum deposit requirements as it has for its other award-winning features.

In this review, we are going to look more closely at IQ Option's low minimum deposit. You will also see why as a serious binary options trader, you need to rethink the way you see this important trading condition and sign up with this broker in order to enjoy it.

Advantages Of A Low Minimum Deposit

You Can Learn Trading With More Confidence

Trying out your hand at binary options trading should not be an uncomfortable experience. Unfortunately, with most traders, it is. And this is all thanks to many brokers’ large minimum deposit requirements. Some brokers demand $200 to around $250 as the minimum deposit; while others will often ask for more than this.

For someone who is just starting out, this is not money you can afford to lose and just move on, which is essentially what you are signing yourself up for when you make a deposit with a broker to trade binary options for the very first time. Ten dollars on the other hand, is money lots of people can lose without feeling the pinch. This means that you can hone their trading skills and get a feel of what this market is truly like without losing your peace of mind.

Controlling Losses

It can be hard to get a handle on your losses when you have to make a deposit of a couple of hundred dollars and then trade tens of dollars at a time. With IQ Option and its minimum deposit requirements, you will not expose yourself to such a predicament. You can make $10 deposits at a time, which will keep you from losing more money than necessary with each trading session.

Conducive To Novice Traders

IQ Option has a demo trading account like no other. But even after doing lots of practice on a demo account, some experience of a real account is required before you can muster the confidence to trade normally. A small minimum deposit at IQ Option makes this a possibility.

The things you might not seriously deal with when using a demo account, especially emotions like fear and greed, have to be put to the test using a live account. Of course, having an account you can operate with just $10 makes this much easier because you know that there is still room to make some mistakes as you learn to control the rush that comes with putting real money on the line.

With this amount of money to trade with, you will have no pressure while making your first trades as a binary options trader, and you will be free to try things you would otherwise not try when working with a larger account. Of course, the small minimum deposit of just $10 means you can also have fun with your trading, which obviously helps enhance learning and build some faith in your abilities as a trader.

You Get A Chance To Try Out The Broker

Even though the binary options industry has been considerably regulated, being able to sign up with a broker that you can trust is still an achievement. Some brokers are scammers who will try every trick in the book to have you make a deposit, usually of at least $250, and then take you round in circles when you start asking for your money or the profits back.

That is why a small minimum deposit is a good sign that the broker is interested in more than your money, it wants you to trade with only amounts you are comfortable with. At IQ Option, you can deposit and withdraw $10. This means that you will have a chance to confirm that their deposit and withdrawal processes work without losing too much money in the process. It’s not that IQ Option is a broker whose ethical conduct you have to worry about, but it is reassuring to know that they are willing to let you test this fact for yourself before you make a bigger financial commitment.


When you come to think of it, IQ Option’s low minimum deposit requirements only mean one thing – you have a choice as a trader. Whatever your demands or desires are, they can be accommodated within these incredible minimum deposit limits. Most other brokers dictate conditions that lock out most traders. And not only that, their prohibitive deposit requirements also limit your ability to enjoy certain aspects of binary options trading, particularly as a beginner.

For instance, you cannot learn to overcome your fear of losing during live trading if a few mistakes can wipe out a few hundred dollars. And neither can you learn to control your losses when you stand to lose significant amounts of money in just minutes. But with IQ Option’s thoughtful low minimum deposit, you are always in control of your trading behavior because you know that you cannot lose much if things don’t go your way as you trade.

So, don’t let anyone fool you, whether you are a novice trader or a seasoned trader making a switch to IQ Option from another broker, you will absolutely need the $10 deposit condition to learn more about the broker’s platform or even perfect your trading skills before getting down to serious high-stakes trading.

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