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Updated on: 11 August 2016

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Most people obviously trade binary options in order to make real money. In order to win real money in this form of online trading one must register at a real money binary options broker. Here, traders will have to deposit real cash, after which they will be able to trade.

Below in this article you’ll find out everything about this process. Learn how to register and deposit money at a broker and what you’ll have to do in order to buy real contracts and cash in large profits.

Below this paragraph you’ll also find a toplist of real money binary options brokers. We believe that these brokers offer the best kind of services on the web, such as the most assets, largest payouts and most advantageous winning conditions. Check them out.



How to Trade Binary Options for Real Money

Many people wonder if trading binary options for real money is even profitable at all. The answer is that it could potentially be if you learn how to trade and use some basic online trading strategy, among others. However, before you venture on to this you should learn how to register and make a deposit first.

Making a real money deposit

After you have chosen a real money binary options broker and registered, you should made a deposit. In order to make a deposit you’ll have to select the preferred payment method as well as the amount you wish to deposit.

Most financial trading brokers that offer real money trading accept deposits made with credit cards, Moneybookers, wire transfer and more. All these are legitimate payment processors that would not permit transfers to fraudulent service providers.

Some brokers might have minimum deposit requirements. In case you don’t want to make a very large initial deposit then choose a broker that has very low minimum deposit requirements. After you’re made your deposit, you’re ready to trade.

Selecting your option and asset

Once your account is funded, you should choose a trading contract and an asset. In financial trading, you can trade on multiple assets such as stocks, commodities, indices, forex currency pairs and at some places even on assets.

Your task will be to predict the movement of the value of these assets during a certain time frame. If you made an accurate prediction, then you will win a large sum of money.

Choosing the expiry time

As said above, you will in real money binary options if you manage to predict the movement of an asset. Your prediction will have to come true by the time the trading contract expires. So, the next thing you have to do after you selected your asset is to choose the time of expiration.

Investing money

After all the above is done, your final task will be to invest a sum of money on your financial trading contract. Usually you can invest as low as $10 and as high as $1,000. Your final prize will be calculated by multiplying your investment by a certain percentage.

Win real money prizes

In case you managed to predict the outcome of your contract you will be rewarded with real money profits. It’s up to you what you do with these profits. You may as well reinvest them in order to make even larger profits in the future or you may as well withdraw them without any limitations.

Is it Safe to Deposit Real Money at Binary Brokers?

Real money binary options trading is already a mainstream activity. Options trading is even regulated in a large number of countries. Most binary options brokers that offer real money trading are also regulated and licensed by real government organizations.

So, if you only register at legal binary options brokers then it’s perfectly safe to deposit money and make real cash investments. Just avoid ending up at a fraudulent broker that might not have a valid financial service provider license.

The safest bet is to register at the brokers that we have listed on this page. These are all legal and have licenses in a lot of countries. They will never scam you because then their owners will immediately go to prison and the authorities will shut down the companies.

Best Real Money Binary Options Brokers

A great real money binary options broker should have a lot of high quality and advanced features. One of these is the availability of multiple contract types such as one touch-, boundary-, 60 seconds options and more. Make sure that the broker you choose has these contract types.

A large number of assets is needed in order to create profitable and sustainable financial trading strategies. Make sure that the broker you choose has many assets otherwise you’ll end up just gambling on financial trading and not winning anything.

Likewise, a great broker should have large payout rates too. Payout rates will determine the profits that you will generate on successful contracts. At this moment the most profitable payout rates in the business are in the range of 80%-85%. Anything lower than this is not profitable.

Real money binary options brokers also often offer deposit bonuses to traders that decide to register and make a first deposit. This is in order to determine traders to deposit as much as possible. Bonuses are a great way to earn more money for free without having to do anything.

So, obviously we don’t have to tell you that you should choose those brokers that have the largest deposit bonuses. – Like the ones that we listed on this page. After evaluating hundreds of brokers, we determined that these are the ones that are the most suited for real cash traders when it comes to bonuses.

They naturally also perform great in all the criteria that we described above such as payout rates, types of options, number of assets and the others. So, if you want to trade financial assets for real money then we recommend you consider registering at the binary options brokers listed on this page. You won’t be disappointed for sure.

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