Monthly Archives: August 2016

Binary Options Brokers Running Out Of Options In France

2016 08 30

That France is not the most welcoming country to binary options brokers is an open secret. But what might have been considered by many to be an extremely unaccommodating regulatory environment in the European country could have gotten even worse with the country’s latest regulatory stance. This time, the French regulator, AMF (Autorité des Marchés […]

The GBP May Be Headed To New Lows Since The Brexit Vote

2016 08 19

After the Brexit vote, the GBP plummeted in value as the market took into consideration the negative impact the decision by Britain to leave the EU would have on Britain’s economy. But long after the vote, the currency may not be out of the woods yet. There are signs that the sterling may be headed […]

Bitfinex Ready To Give A 5% Reward For The Recovery Of Bitcoins Lost During Its Latest Hack

2016 08 12

More than a week ago, Bitfinex suffered a devastating hack that saw $70 million (at current price) worth of bitcoins disappear into thin air. Bitcoin prices also tumbled to lows of $480 from a price of $640 in just a matter of hours. In the latest development to the story, the Hong Kong based cryptocurrency […]

Bitfinex Takes 36% Of Its Clients’ Funds To Cover $65m Hack Loss, Plans To Pay It Back In Shares

2016 08 09

About a week ago, $65 million worth of bitcoins was stolen from the Hong Kong based cryptocurrency exchange, Bitfinex. Now, the virtual currency exchange has decided to take 36% of each client’s account to cover the losses. While this may be positive news for account holders who imagined that all the money in their accounts […]