10Trade Review

10Trade is a new binary options broker that is fully licensed and regulated in the European Union. The broker offers many exotic and extremely useful features such as pairs trading, long-term binary options and the possibility to expend expiration times if you feel you will lose a trade.

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Maximum Payout Rate: 90%

Average Payout Rate: 80%

Minimum Deposit: €200

Minimum investment per trade: €5

Bonus: 100% of deposit

Mobile devices: iOS, Android

Number of assets: 300+

LIcensed: Yes

Go to site: http://www.10trade.com/

  • Fully legal and licensed binary options broker
  • Always processes withdrawals in a timely manner
  • Offers long-term options that have high winning odds
  • Has several hundred stocks as assets which can be used with long-term strategies
  • Owned by a company that is in the binary options business for several years
  • Only operates in countries where binary options are not illegal

10Trade is a new binary options broker that was launched in early 2015. Since the broker is new I recommend you read this 10Trade review first before you register.

What can be said early on is that 10Trade is a legal and regulated binary options broker. Read below to find out about the actual services this broker offers.

Platform and Software

The website of 10Trade as well as its trading platform seems to be very well made. You will be able to select options on an easy to understand interface. The software used by the broker also has several unique features that are not available at most other brokers.

Pairs trading – Pairs trading is a new type of binary option that allows you to pair up several non-currency assets such as Apple vs. Microsoft, Google vs. Facebook etc. Essentially what you need to do here is to predict which asset will increase or decrease compared to the other.

This feature is great because usually the increase or decrease of one stock also influences another, which is a direct competitor to the first. Like, if Apple increases massively then Samsung will highly likely decrease. You can then make the appropriate investment.

Long-term options – Long-term options are my personal favorite. This is because these options are the easiest to predict and offer the largest winning chances. For example, if you know that Apple will release a new iPhone in 2 months, then you can be sure that in 2 months and 1 day the value of Apple would have increased. You can then use long-term options and make accurate predictions.

Rollover – This feature allows you to extend the expiration time of a purchased contract in case you know that you will lose. Now, instead of losing you will get another chance of winning if you use this feature.

Double up – This tool allows you to double your initial investment mid-trade in case you are sure that you will win. This way you can win double the amount of money you would have initially won.

Assets available

There are more than 300 assets being offered by 10Trade, most of these being stocks. The great thing about this is the fact that you can use this combined with long-term options.

Like pointed out above, in case a company launches a new product (or publishes a revenue report) then the value of the company will usually increase the day after. In the past you couldn’t use this to your advantage because brokers only offered expiration times of a few minutes.

Now with long-term options you can invest in these events. However another problem in the past was that there are usually only 1-2 such events at any company (like iPhone launch at Apple). However, if the broker offers several companies as assets then you can use long-term trading pretty much almost every day.

Check this article to learn more about long-term trading. This is perhaps the easiest and best strategy ever.

Payout Rates

10Trade offers above average payout rates. I have not seen any options offered by the broker that have payout rates below 80%. This is great because most other brokers do have options with payout rates of even as low as 65%.

Generally, most payout rates will be at around 80% to 85%.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Since 10Trade is a licensed binary options broker you will not have to worry about your withdrawals not being processed. Generally, you will have your withdrawal sent to you within a maximum of 7 days.

Being a legal broker also allows 10Trade to offer some of the most popular and completely legitimate payment tools such as Skrill and major credit cards. Only actual legal companies can process payments with these methods.

You also only need a minimum of $200 in deposits to get started at 10Trade.

Regulation and Licensing

10Trade is a100% legal and regulated broker. The company is licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchanges Commission (CySEC). The license issued by CySEC is also valid in any European country where binary options aren’t explicitly illegal.

CySEC regulation follows general European Union trading laws and regulations. For example, one of these rules is that the broker is required to keep player deposits separate from company operational funds. This is so that in case something happens to the company it can always refund traders.

If you are from a non-European country you can still trade at 10Trade because the European license protects anyone who is registered and is trading at the broker. The broker however does not accept anyone from the United States.

Conclusions: Why 10Trdade might not be good

The only reason why one might not register at 10Trade is the fact that the broker is relatively new. However, as explained, it’s not actually completely new as it’s being run by the same company as Trade Rush, which is one of the oldest and most reputable binary brokers.

Conclusions: Why 10Trade is a good broker

10Trade is recommended for traders for several reasons such as the fact that it offers a huge number of stocks, which you can use together with long-term options (remember: long-term strategy is the best strategy ever). It also has high payout rates and offers rebates on losing trades.

Also, 10Trade is a 100% legal binary options broker that is licensed and regulated. It will never steal your money or tamper with the software so that you end up losing.

If you want to learn more about 10Trade then you can go directly to the broker’s website and check it out for yourself.