Binary options signal trading is one of the most exciting concepts developed in the options trading industry. Binary options copy trading allows experienced and highly professional traders to become so-called signal providers and earn important side revenue from the successful trades executed by traders who have decided to follow them.

Copy investing also allows normal traders to automatically copy the trades executed by signal providers. This way novices will be able to generate substantial revenues without actually having to anything at all. In this article we’ll reveal everything related binary options copy betting and give you an advice regarding the best binary options signal traders available.



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Signal Trading

What is Binary Options Signal Trading?

The concept of binary options copy trading originates from forex investing. Forex traders were for a long time already able to apply to become signal providers to earn extra revenue or to copy the actions performed by these signal providers in order to generate consistent profits.

Now this concept is also available in financial investing. Binary options signal trading allows traders to register at so-called signal providers and automatically execute the trades executed by those mirror trading providers. Signals services are provided by operators that collaborate with highly experienced traders.

How does signal trading work?

In mirror trading traders will have to follow so-called signal providers using a mirror trading tool provided by the company and website that offers the instructions. The copy investing tools will then automatically execute the trades that were executed by the mirror betting provider.

The service is called “signal trading” because the betting software will act once it receives a signal from the followed copy service provider. So basically traders won’t have to do anything at all except registering at a mirror trading service and following the best binary betting signal providers available at that website.

Who are signal providers?

Copy trading providers are very experienced traders who have proven experience in the financial investing business. These are the traders who trade binary investing for a living and generate consistent revenues and profits. These are the traders who are being sought after by signal service providers.

In order to earn extra income, these traders can apply to become signal providers at operators that offer binary options signal trading services. Once approved, other traders have the possibility to follow them and automatically execute the trades purchased by them.

Mirror trading providers earn a certain percentage of the profits generated by traders who follow them. That percentage of profits will naturally not be taken away from traders but will be paid by the mirror betting company itself. So the more traders follow these signal providers the more income they will generate.

Again, we’d like to point out that copy betting providers only earn money on the profit generated by their followers. So, if a copy trading provider provides investing signals that will result in unsuccessful bets, then they won’t make any money at all. The whole concept of binary options copy betting is based on the mirror investing providers’ success.

Binary Options Signal Trading Platforms

There are basically three types of binary options copy trading platforms available. The first one is that of messages provided through SMS, the second one is that of instructions provided through email and the third one is that of signals provided though a mirror trading software.

Signals provided though SMS

This was the first variation of binary options copy investing. In the early days of the industry signal trading providers used to communicate with their followers though SMS. Each time a signal provider bought a financial investment contract, the details of that contract were sent to their followers as well so that they could replicate the actions performed.

This wasn’t really real copy betting since traders still had to manually execute the details messaged to them. While this method is highly outdated these days it’s still being used by a handful of signal service providers.

- Signals provided through email

This method works exactly the same as the one described above with the only difference being that in this case instructions are provided through email and not though SMS. This method is preferred better by traders than the previous one because it doesn’t requires them to give away their personal phone numbers.

- Signals provided and executed by a software

This one is actually the modern variation of binary betting copy trading that we know today. These days traders have the possibility to register at copy trading service providers that will link their signal trading services with traders’ binary options broker accounts.

Not only will instructions directly be sent to traders’ broker accounts, the system will also automatically act on the instructions provided and execute them without the need for a manual intervention on behalf of the trader. Naturally traders have the possibility to exercise control over this whole process such as deciding on a budget for an investing session, set maximum or minimum win or loss quotas and more.

Best Binary Options Signal Providers

The best binary options copy trading providers are those ones that offer copy trading through software. No one is interested these days to receive messages though SMS or email. The proper way of doing it these days is through a live feed directly to traders’ broker platforms or accounts.

A great binary options signal service provider naturally also has to guarantee a good and consistent return of investment. This is also in the providers’ interest. Like we explained, copy investing providers only make money if the traders who follow them also make money. So they have to provide instructions that result in traders making consistent money.

Such signal providers should also use a high-tech back-end and platform. Traders shouldn’t have to undergo a long and complicated installation process until they manage to get the software and the platform running. All this should be extremely simple.

Also, some binary options signal providers use to charge a membership fee on their website. Copy betting fees should be looked as an investment, however, it should still not be necessary to pay a lot of money for such services. Therefore, we advise you to choose a provider that’s either free or costs a very small amount of money.

Final Words About Signal Trading

One of the most important questions we used to get from readers inquires if binary options signal trading is i reliable or not. The answer is that it’s extremely reliable if you register at legitimate signal trading providers. The providers you see listed in the table above were all individually tested by us.

We checked around 40 different providers and the ones you see listed above are the ones that we believe are able to provide you with the best binary options signals that are reliable and can guarantee consistent earnings in the long term. Before you register at any of them, we recommend you check out the reviews linked above in order to find out which provider fits your needs the most. Also, if you want to directly trade binary options at actual binary options brokers then check out the linked page.