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Getting proof that a binary options broker's platform works should not cost you money, and few brokers understand this fact as well as IQ Option does. And that is just for the seasoned traders looking to make a switch to another broker.

The benefits of a demo account to a novice trader are even much greater. This account means that you can finally test for yourself what the industry is all about before deciding if it will even work out for you once you start using real money.

Worried that trying out a new binary options trading strategy might put your live account in jeopardy? A free demo account such as what IQ Option is offering is your safest bet. The list of benefits does not end there, which is why as a serious trader; you need to have access to such a trading resource.

And believe it or not, very few brokers will give you an opportunity to trade without any risks or strings attached like IQ Option does through its popular demo account.

The IQ Option Demo Account Platform

You would think that demo account holders are relegated to a second-rate platform at IQ Option, but you would be wrong. Unlike some other brokers, having a demo account grants you unfettered access to all the exciting, intuitive, and great features that holders of real accounts enjoy.

Therein lies one of the most compelling reasons why this company’s demo account is one of a kind – you can expect your demo trading experience to mirror precisely what a real trading account will be like. Below are more upsides to having an IQ Option free demo account.

Some Advantages of an IQ Option Demo Account

No Deposit Required

Some brokers like to refer to their demo account as a ‘premium feature’, which essentially boils down to the fact that you have to pay to get a demo account. You will not suffer such a pointless hustle with what this broker is offering.

You will get a funded demo account without needing to open and fund a real account. In fact, you are even allowed to have a fully functional demo account before opening a live account. True to their word, free means free as far as this company’s demo account is concerned.

Fully Of Features

The IQ Option demo account has enough features to put some brokers’ real accounts to shame. This broker has one of the leading platforms in the industry. In the past, it has even won an award for Best Trading Platform. This is the same platform traders using its demo account get.

The demo account will allow you to review the financial markets, experience the enhanced trading speeds traders with real accounts experience, get real time quotes from Thomson Reuters.

No Time Limitations

If you have shopped around for demo accounts, you are probably aware that some brokers will only let you use a demo account for a month or so before the privilege is taken away. This is clearly not the right environment for a growing trader who needs to keep testing strategies without risk long past their first month of opening a demo account. Fortunately, IQ Option does not subscribe to this way of thinking, and you can keep using your demo account for as long as you need it without problems.

Few Brokers Can Offer As Good An Alternative

You would think that as new as the online binary options industry is, many brokers would make having demo accounts a priority, as a way to prepare their clients for the unique trading conditions this market requires. But no, only a few brokers offer demo trading; and in most cases, these accounts come with terms that defeat the very purpose of their existence.

This is why in an industry that is filled with several brokers; few can rival the demo account IQ Option offers its customers. With this company’s demo account, you will not get pressure to open a real account, receive numerous calls from agents trying to get you to make a deposit, or even be forced to forget about demo trading after a stipulated time period has passed.


Before you sign up with a broker, you need to find out if they are offering what you want when it comes to trading conditions. Most brokers will insist that you make a deposit and try this out with real money, while others will require you to make a deposit before you can get a demo account. IQ Option is offering something refreshingly different – you don’t need to spend any money to use their premium quality demo account.

You will also love the fact that the account does not come with the limitations or conditions that usually typify the demo accounts offered by most binary options brokers. You can replenish your account whenever it runs out, and the quotes offered are in real time and accurate.

But this is only the icing on the cake when you take into consideration the accommodating trading conditions IQ Option clients enjoy. The company’s clients are protected by its ironclad regulation.

You will also benefit from minimum deposit and contract requirements that the best binary option companies in the market can only hope to match, not exceed. At IQ Option, you can trade with just a dollar at a time, and your initial deposit could be as low as $10!

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